Scientific Program

Program Layout
Theme 1
New Drug Targets
Theme 1 will cover current frontiers of emerging targets for bio-drug discovery
Theme 8
New Delivery Systems
Theme 8 will cover current frontiers of innovative DDS for bio-drugs and difficult delivery biotherapies.
Theme 2
New Drug Modalities
Theme 2 will present top notch trends on novel bio-drug modalities by major biopharma players
Theme 9
New Biosimilars
Theme 9 will demonstrate current competitions in cost-effective Biosimilar development across the world.
Theme 3
Next Generation Antibody Therapies
Theme 3 will cover a vast variety of hot topics from emerging antibody discovery technologies to antibody engineering and bioanalysis
Theme 10
New Scientists
Theme 10 will cover current frontiers of innovative DDS for bio-drugs and difficult delivery biotherapies.
Theme 4
Next Generation Vaccines
Theme 4 will provide a global platform to discuss about the present and future developments and advances in vaccines R & D.
Theme 11
Japanese Biopharma Frontier
Theme 11 will help those who are interested in understanding Japanese research and market of up-to date breakthroughs in biopharmaceutical R & D.
Theme 5
New Biopharma Tech
Theme 5 will attract those exciting disruptive technologies, which have been applied in bio-drug R & D.
Theme 12
Biopharma Financing and Investment
Theme 12 aims to promote the linkage between social capital and pharmaceutical innovation and improve the innovation capability of biopharmaceutical industry.
Theme 6
New Discovery Chemistry
Theme 6 aims to support biopharma professionals to master Discovery chemistry on bio-molecular drugs.
Theme 7
New Bioprocessing
Theme 7 will focus on practical and fascinating intelligent manufacturing for challenging Biotherapies from IO drugs to gene, protein, antibodies and cell therapies.
Theme 14
Project Matchmaking Meeting
Theme 14 will build a professional, accurate and high-end docking, exchange and display platform for promoting achievements transformation and resource sharing.
Activity 1
Social Events, Gala-Dinner and Japanese Art Performance
The social activity will invite you to be with us for idea sharing, networking, friendship, fun and romance.
Activity 2
Tech-Tour & Lectures to Campus
Activity 2 will help our participants to enjoy the across cultural lecture tour in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

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