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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


The Global Summit of Biopharma entitled 'New targets, new modalities and New Hopes' will take place from Wednesday 11 May to Friday 13 May, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. It provides an intensive comprehensive program focusing on new targets discovery, design of new modalities, cutting-edge technologies, new discovery chemistry, innovative process development, smart bio-drug delivery systems and new biosimilars.

Along with one of our branding conference International Conference of Drug Discovery S&T(IDDST) initiated since 2003, our platform will provide high-quality communication opportunities to present the next scientific breakthroughs, to share business model innovation hot spots, to exchange transnational projects with senior government officials, biopharmaceutical enterprises, CMO, CRO, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, software logistics solution enterprises, industry leaders and experts.

Look forward to meeting you in Tokyo, Japan in 2022!

Sincerely Yours,

Xiaodan Mei, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman of GSB-2022
President of BIT Group Global Ltd.

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