Abstract Information

The GSB-2022 Scientific Committee is inviting the submission of scientific abstracts for proffered paper and poster sessions.

Authors are asked to submit abstracts under one of the following categories, but not limited:


New Drug Targets

Fusion Protein Drugs

Next Generation Peptides, Peptidomimetics


Biospecific Antibodies

siRNA, micro-RNA



Stem Cell Therapy

New Gene Therapy

PROTACs Degraders

COVID-19 Diagnostics, Therapies and Vaccines

AI-Driven Biopharm Discovery

Gene and Genome Editing

Next Generation Biopharm Screening and Design

New Discovery Chemistry

Innovative Bioprocessing Techniques


New Bio-drug Delivery Systems

New Biosimilars


Abstracts must be in English and contain a maximum of 2800 characters with space in Microsoft Word. A data table may be included where required, but will count as 600 characters against the 2800 characters total. A maximum of 1 image file may also be included, but each image will count as 600 characters against the 2800 characters total. All abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in the conference proceeding. The Scientific Committee will review all submitted abstracts, and will determine if an abstract is to be presented orally, by poster, or by publication only.

Abstracts failing to meet minimum standards or are not relevant to this conference will be declined. Authors may submit multiple abstracts, but usually an individual will not be offered more than one oral presentation.

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