Call for Paper
Special Issue of The Global Summit of Biopharma-2022
Submission Guideline

Basic Requirements
1. The manuscript should have a clear point of view and reliable data, and should be concise and focused. The authors affirm that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. If the manuscript contains similar or closely relevant contents to the published papers, the authors should show them in references.
2. The manuscript should be free from political errors, state secrets or any sensitive issues that should not be published publicly. The submission from classified units should provide the confidential review request form.
3. In the manuscript, please indicate the first author and the correspondence author and their detailed address, telephone number, email and other contact information. The correspondence author is the person who participates in the study and writing of the paper and can be fully responsible for the manuscript. All matters related to the manuscript will be contacted with the correspondence author after receiving the submission.
Research Report Manuscript
The report has important academic value and original scientific research results. The manuscript should have scientific and innovative topic, reasonable experimental design, sufficient argument, reliable data, clear structure and refined text.
Technical and Method Manuscript
In the process of basic and application research of related fields, the important innovation and optimization are made on the used research methods and experimental techniques.
Life science, biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmacology, toxicology, model organism, bioprocess, biotherapy, drug discovery, marine biopharmacy, biological preparations, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical instruments and equipment, pharmaceutical analysis, CMC, clinical trials, drug administration and regulations, drug market development, biomedical business model, etc.
Acceptance of Manuscript
After receiving the manuscript, the author will be informed. The preliminary review takes about 5 working days. If the submission passed the preliminary review, it will be sent to experts for peer review (about 30 days); if not, the manuscript should be returned and the author should be informed by email.
After peer review, the editorial board member will send the revision suggestions to the author. If the paper needs revising (minor or major revisions), the revised version should be submitted again for peer review. Authors are allowed to submit the revisions within 30 days and explain the revisions according to the review suggestions.
According to the expert review opinions, the editorial board will finally examine and approve the revised version of manuscript is accepted or not.
The author will be informed by email as soon as possible if the manuscript is accepted or not.
If the author fails to receive the notice from this journal within 3 months from the date of submission, the author has the right to submit the manuscript to other journals, but please contact editorial board for a statement before the change occurs.
The manuscript review is free of charge. The publication fee (500 Yuan/Edition) should be paid before the publication. If the color plate is needed, the cost of production will be charged separately (800 Yuan/Edition).
Once the manuscript is published, the first and the correspondent authors will receive the current issue and electronic book.
The author is requested to promise that the manuscript does not infringe on the others’ copyright or other rights; the exclusive publishing right and network communication right of the manuscript (papers, charts, photos, etc.) should be granted to this journal from the date of publication, and the publication should be allowed to be spread on the website of this journal or the website authorized by this journal.
Main Body
Please refer to the template of the special issue.
Submission Method
1. Word limits: should not normally exceed 2000 words.
2. Both Chinese and English articles are acceptable.
3. The manuscript can also be written in the form of letter, and the writing template is only for reference, and it is not necessarily restricted to the research paper structure.
4. Journal Name: Special Issue of The Global Summit of Biopharma-2022
5. Publication and Distribution: Editorial Board of ‘China Biotechnology’


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