WCAB 2023 | Dalian, China

Registration Information

To register delegates for WCAB-2023 use one of these four methods:
1). Registration Online: click here,register now!
2). Phone:0086-411-84799606
3). Email: You can download the Registration Form online and complete it, and then email to miranda.wce@gala-tek.com

Pre-payment helps ensure your participation in WCAB-2023 goes as smoothly as possible.
Since WCAB-2023 will have three times more speakers than the last annual meeting, we may encounter space, budgeting and paperwork pressure to justify speaker qualifications. To ensure we do not miss your valuable explanation of your current findings, please provide strong supporting information along with your payment to reserve your speech slot or seats as early as possible. Even if you do not wish to present, please prepay for the event as early as possible so the organizing committee can track participation in the event.

Registration Substitutions/Cancellations
Cancellations must be made in writing and faxed to us at 0086-411-84799606 or by email to miranda.wce@gala-tek.com
before February 28, 2023. No refunds will be made after February 28, 2023, but you will be able to roll your registration fee over to the next annual congress of WCAB. Substitutions are also welcome at any time. If you plan to send someone representing you please notify us before the deadline for the printing of the conference proceedings. If BIT Life Sciences cancels an event, BIT Life Sciences will not be responsible for any airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by participants.

Conflicting Behavior Prohibited
WCAB is a business oriented science and technology event. Our goal is to help the sustainable development of biological science and technology worldwide. We emphasize free ethic information and legal trade exchanges. We will maintain the fair exchange platform with a strict policy to prevent political, religious, and racist communications. Unauthorized solicitation and circulation of suspected information is strictly prohibited at this event and failure to comply could result in restricting your access to the conference.

Security and Foreign Fairs
For your safety a photo ID with a valid visa and an industry related business card are required at check-in to complete your conference registration. Any offensive or insulting language or illegal behavior is prohibited for all participants to avoid any unwanted liabilities.

Theme and Congress Quality
Speakers of WCAB-2023 are subject to change due to unexpected circumstances, but we will try our best to keep the original proposal. We invite you to refer more high profile scientific and technological speakers. Original research is always welcome. We hope that each year WCAB will reflect the overall trends of the field of biological science and technology. Meanwhile, we also welcome many renowned academic professors to offer lectures for educational purposes to encourage the interest of younger people in this field.

Cell Phone and Other Voice Interference Prohibited
Please turn off your cell phones or set them on vibrate to avoid interrupting the speakers and the attention of the audience.
Please refrain from having conversations during the speakerspresentations. Debate and discussions are welcome during panel sessions, round table discussions and social hours.

Media and press interviews must receive approval from the organizing committee and the speakers. The media and press may not quote organizers, speakers or delegates without obtaining their approval in writing. Media passes do not include access to official social activities organized by WCAB committee members.

Dress Code
The dress code at WCAB and the exhibition is business casual. VIP speakers and chairs of the Opening Ceremony are recommended to dress formally.

Special Needs
If you have a disability or special dietary or food preferences, please inform your requirement to miranda.wce@gala-tek.com so that we can meet your special needs at this event.

Hosting Organization

Information Research Center of International Talent, Ministry of Science and Technology, China
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BIT Congress Inc.
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