WCAB 2023 | Dalian, China

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The Dalian World Expo Center represents the culmination of Dalian's 100 years of economic development. An outstanding feat of modern architecture, the center stands as a beacon of hope for the dramatic achievements that await Dalian in the 21st century. The Dalian World Expo Center is located overlooking Asia's largest square, Xinghai Square, in one of Dalian's five "pioneering open business districts", the Xinghai Bay Financial Business District. The center enjoys excellent transportation links, mere 10 kilometers from Dalian international airport, 5 kilometers from the railway station, 8kilometers from the Harbor.

It covers the field of 15,000 square meters, with 10,000 square meters exhibition area that has 500 standard stands served. The Dalian World Expo Center merges the functions of exhibitions, conferences, catering, tourism, business centers into an organic whole that is the ideal place to organize large-scale exhibitions and conferences.

For more information, please visit official website: http://www.dl-expo.com/english/company.html


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Information Research Center of International Talent, Ministry of Science and Technology, China
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BIT Congress Inc.
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