BIT's 12th World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell (RMSC-2018)
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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Let us go the year 2050: Cardiac infarction is no problem anymore. The dead tissue is replaced by stem cell derived cardiomyocytes. Parkinson’s disease does not exist anymore because dopaminergic neurons are injected into the substancia nigra.  And diabetes is cured by insulin-secreting cells. There is also a good chance that tumors are treatable because stem cells will be programmed into cytotoxic T-cells which kill carcinogenic cells. Unrealistic dreams? In my opinion, no! We as stem cell researchers and clinicians live from visions and this is nicely represented by the theme of this year’s congress on Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells 2018 (RMSC-2018) “Shaping a New Hope for the Cure”. The researchers who are at the front must come together to discuss their visions and to find concrete solutions. In this respect it gives me great joy, and it is a pleasure and an honor to be the Honorary Chairman of RMSC-2018. In 1989 I pioneered stem cell research by inventing the “embryoid body” and doing first physiological measurements on stem cells and derivatives. Since then I have seen tremendous progress in this area. Today we preferentially work with human cells, opening up a realistic chance to translate our research into clinical application. On the way to that we also use human stem cells as novel assay systems to measure and determine pharmacological and toxicological endpoints. Induced pluripotent stem cells help to develop better disease models and thus will significantly contribute to the personalized precision medicine. These are only a few examples of what I am mostly interested in. However the application of stem cells is much wider and more and more researchers are joining the field. I am looking forward to meeting many colleagues and especially to enhance the Asian-International communication. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Xi’an on December 7th at the RMSC-2018.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Jürgen Hescheler
Honorary  Chair of RMSC-2018
Chairman of the German Society for Stem Cell Research
Director of the Center for Physiology, University of Cologne

Xiaodan Mei, Ph.D.  
Chair of RMSC-2018
President of BIT Group Global Ltd.
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Honorary Chair

Dr. Jürgen Hescheler
Professor, University of Cologne, Germany

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