BIT's 12th World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell (RMSC-2018)
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3H Biomedical is an innovative life-science company that discovers, develops and distributes human cell-based products and technologies for life science research, drug development and tissue engineering. We serve global scientific communities and take pride in our contribution to improving human health and environment.
7th International Stem Cell Meeting to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, November 12-13, 2019
In recent years we have witnessed major breakthroughs in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. In particular, stem cells are now being used to model human disease in a petri dish in addition to their abilities in cell therapies and tissue engineering. Some stem cell therapies are being evaluated in clinical trials and also molecules involved in stem cell function are being interrogated for their abilities to activate endogenous tissue repair mechanisms. These basic and translational advancements in the stem cell field along with other key topics will be covered during the Meeting and will be discussed in depth with the participation of speakers of high repute as well as attendees. We have already obtained the consent of several international world leaders in stem cell research to share their recent findings with us.

Stem Cells and Development is globally recognized as the trusted source for critical, even controversial coverage of emerging hypotheses and novel findings. With a focus on stem cells of all tissue types and their potential therapeutic applications, the Journal provides clinical, basic, and translational scientists with cutting-edge research and findings.
Stem Cells and Development coverage includes:

  1. Embryogenesis and adult counterparts of this process
  2. Physical processes linking stem cells, primary cell function, and structural development
  3. Hypotheses exploring the relationship between genotype and phenotype
  4. Development of vasculature, CNS, and other germ layer development and defects
  5. Pluripotentiality of embryonic and somatic stem cells
  6. The role of genetic and epigenetic factors in development

Tissue Engineering is the preeminent, biomedical journal advancing the field with cutting-edge research and applications on all aspects of tissue growth and regeneration. This multidisciplinary journal brings together the principles of engineering and life sciences in tissue development and regenerative medicine. Tissue Engineering is divided into three parts, providing a central forum for groundbreaking scientific research and developments of clinical applications from leading experts in the field that will enable contributions to the ultimate care of patients.
Tissue Engineering (Part A) is the authoritative peer-reviewed journal focusing on the convergence of the life sciences, engineering, and medicine for the generation of viable biological tissues to better fundamentally understand and treat human disease. Part A publishes 24 issues per year. 

Tissue Engineering Reviews (Part B) meets the urgent need for high-quality review articles by presenting critical discussions, analyses, and concise summaries of research within the field to assess history, current standing, and future directions within critical areas. Part B publishes bi-monthly.  

Tissue Engineering Methods (Part C) presents high-quality procedures and protocols to promote consistency within the field, distribute beneficial tools and assays, and help the field to grow and mature for current and future clinical translation. Part C publishes monthly. (a.k.a "CE"), a subsidiary of China Exhibition Limited (Hong Kong), currently with offices and representatives in Hong Kong, Taipei, Xiamen, Nanning (ASEAN Headquarter). CE focuses on all trade shows, exhibitions and business events held in China, and provides online and tailor-made services to all professionals.

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pharmaphorum is the primary facilitator of thought leadership and innovation within pharma. We support the next generation of pharmaceutical industry leaders through producing, curating and publishing media that will help pharma embrace the challenges of being a healthcare solutions provider in the 21st century.
Our services include:
 •  Publication of interesting new written, audio and video content addressing critical pharma issues from around the world.
 •  Showcasing key service providers who can work with pharma executives to forge the business models of the future.
 •  Curation of global news, industry events and job opportunities within pharma.
 •  Production of written, audio and video content for publication on pharmaphorum or client channels.
 •  Advice and support on the use of social media within pharma to effectively connect companies, improve PR and share innovation.
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BioConference Live, is a series of information breakthrough online-only events, focused on the Clinical Diagnostics and Life Science communities
Live streaming video presentations from thought leaders - with the opportunity for attendees to interact by texting questions to these experts in real-time.
Industry-specific tracks of live video, panel presentations, and keynote presentations
A virtual exhibit floor and virtual booths featuring several of the leading technology product and service providers.
Live chat among attendees and exhibitors, with the opportunity to easily exchange contact information and collect materials in a virtual briefcase
Meet-the-Expert live video chats that will provide attendees access to experts in specific Life Science areas
An emerging technology showcase featuring award winning companies with scientific products or services.  Attendees can save and download information from exhibitor booths, presentations and a resource center.
A virtual conference provides advantages including:

  • “No travel or out of office costs”
  • Greater access to content
  • Real-time networking
  • Interactivity
  • A truly global event
  • More efficient use of time and resources 

Bentham Science Publishers is a major STM journal publisher of 130 titles and 200 plus open access journals and print/online book series (Bentham eBooks). Bentham Science answers the information needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical research community. For:

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22nd – 25th September 2014

Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome
Nanoforum (official website is the main Italian expo-conference born with the purpose to foster the transfer of knowledge from Research (public or private) to Business (in particular SMEs) in the field of micro, nano and advanced technologies.
The tenth edition of the eventwants to give the best researches in micro, nano and advanced technologies the right opportunity to be known. By communicating products and solutions during the three-daysconference sessions and by realizing posters and exhibition booths, Italian and foreign companies, universities, research centres and science parks will have the opportunity to show their projects for innovation to interested companies and potential commercialpartners.
Nanoforumis not only a scientific meeting, but it represents a concrete moment where research meets business. Dedicated meetings will improve contacts among participants: if companies have a research department, they will find the right answers to their needs by questioning the experts in the field; on the contrary, if companies do not have a research department, they will be able to understand “what” and “how” to use micro, nano and advanced technologies.

For Further information:
Dr. Cristina Gippa
Via Dei Valtorta 6, 20127 Milano (MI) - ITALY
Tel. +39 02 2831161  Cell. +39 3382126862   +39 02 28311666
Email                      Website


PETROFINDER is the leading and young company which is providing the most advanced online platform for the real time trading and auction solutions for international oil and gas industries and major physical markets. Please find our introduction and services as follows :

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Technology Networks

Technavio is a leading research and advisory company with global coverage. Our research focuses on analyzing emerging market trends and explaining them to our clients to help them identify opportunities and optimize their market positions.
Our 200 specialized analysts build forecasts across market segments and geographies based on trends identified through quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. These forecasts are used to help our clients identify new and existing opportunities in their markets.

Technavio provides comprehensive research in these sectors: Healthcare and Life Sciences; Engineering and Automation; IT Hardware, Software, and Services; Telecom and Networking; Automotive and Aerospace; and Energy.

MedSci's expertise in scientific research and clinical studies has become the leading academic service provider in China. We expand our expertise to educate in the areas of scientific and clinical analysis. Our company has an extensive network which includes faculty from the world's most distinguished universities, experts from over 300 pharmaceutical companies, and a diverse group of researchers and medical doctors. We are committed to bridging the gap between China and the rest of the world as well as helping Chinese researchers contribute t o the international scientific community.


American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity nanopowders, composites, functionalized materials for sensors, pharmaceutical, nanobiotechnology & biotechnology.


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Dr. Jürgen Hescheler
Professor, University of Cologne, Germany

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