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I enjoyed the conference and city of Rome. The conference involves wide variety of topics with many especially companies. It was exciting to me. I hope WCSM-2022 will be successful one.

---- Dr. Masaaki Niwa, Japan


Thank you for the wonderful conference which you and your team had organized in Osaka Japan. The talks were of really high quality and the opportunity to network amongst the participants was very beneficial.

----Dr. Brando Okolo, Germany


Thank you very much for having given me the chance to attend the high quality conference. Frankly, your organization is quite good which is above the level of most international conferences which I have attended so far. One suggestion is that in the future, it is better not to include most activities on Saturday and Sunday since the western men think the weekends belongs to personal free time.

-- Dr. Bao-Yu Zong, Singapore


It was a beautiful conference, very well organized and managed! I really have only words of appreciation! It was a very distinguished group of personalities and I am most honored to have been selected to be a part of. Thanks to you, I also had the extraordinary opportunity to visit Japan!

----Dr. Ana Maria Dabija, Romania


It was a real pleasure for me to participate in WCSM. It was my first visit to Japan, and I was very impressed by this country. Congress was organized very well. Thank you. I look forward to attending your future meeting in Rome.

----Dr. Sergey Nikitenko, France


Thank you for your kind email. It was a pleasure to be invited to your congress and really a great honour attend it with so such learned scientists. Actually I don't think you need my suggestions because everything went well. I am so happy you had chosen Italy for the next congress.



I really enjoyed very much this conference and all of the interesting topics included in the program. Thank you for the expert organisation of the event.

---Dr. Rita Skoda-F?ldes, Hungary


I would like to thank you again for the excellent conference. Everything was organized exceptionally well. Thank you.

I look forward to attending your future conferences. Please keep me posted.

---Dr. Reza Abbaschian, USA


I would like to thank you for your kind email. In my humble opinion, the conference was very organized. The only suggestion I would provide is that the speakers to have a portable microphone. That will help projecting their voice all the time even if they are explaining things on the screen.

--- Dr. Adel Alhalawani, Canada


We enjoyed the BKK conference very much. It was one of the most well-organized conferences which we had attended. This year the poster session was improved compared with that in the Singapore conference. Although we found some very interseting posters, we could not contact and discuss with the authors.

--- Dr. Hitoshi Kunoh, Japan


It was a pleasure attending to Smart Materials 2016, to visit Singapore and to be with my family. I really enjoyed it.

Regarding the congress, I enjoyed it very much, in special the session of my communication, and I learnt a lot. I only have to point the strong air conditioning. The room temperature was too low. Once I had to go outside to become warm! But it seems that is usual in Singapore.

--- Dr. Sofia Capelo, Portugal

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World High Technology Society


Advisory Board Members ( In Alphabetical Order)

Dr. Anjan Ghosh, Professor, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, India

Biography & Research Activities: Dr. Anjan K Ghosh has 35 years of research and teaching experience in the areas of optical information processing, optical communications and photonic sensors. Dr. Ghosh served as a faculty member in the Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, IIT Kanpur, India, Nanyang Tech. Univ., Singapore, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, and DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, India. He was the Head of the Dept. of Electrical Eng., Adv. Center for Electronic Sciences, Laser Tech. Program and the Center for Laser Tech., all at IIT Kanpur. Dr. Ghosh was the Vice Chancellor of Tripura (Central) University in Agartala, Tripura, India from 2013 to 2018.

Dr. Bouyer Etienne, Adjunct Director, CEA, France

Biography & Research Activities: Dr. Etienne Bouyer joined the CEA at Grenoble in 2004 and served as head of the Processes and Components for Energy Laboratory (2006-2011), and then adjunct director of the New Technology for Energy Program (2011-2016). In 2017, he holds the position of European Affairs Officer on Material Resource Efficiency. Over the last five years, the overall topic of material resource efficiency in the field of New Technologies of Energy becomes one of its main subject of interest.

Dr. David Bassir, Professor, University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard, France

Biography & Research Activities: Previously, Dr. David BASSIR was the Dean of the University of technology (IUT) at the University of Lorraine (France), General Director of Research at the Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, du Batiment et de l'Industrie (Paris). He has published more than 150 papers in journals, books and conference proceedings, including more than 33 articles in indexed journals. He’s actual scientific research activities are related to Simulation and Modelling of Advances Materials using optimization strategies based heuristic methods, Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence to solve industrials applications.

Dr. Donald L. G. Sturgeon, CEO & CTO, Multifibers LLC, USA

Biography & Research Activities: Dr. Sturgeon Is CEO & CTO of Multifibers LLC, a science-based industrial textiles start-up that has developed proprietary technology for the metal wire reinforcement of organic fabrics. Held senior positions in an extended career with DuPont de Nemours & Co. that ranged from R&D in the performance, applications and markets for aliphatic and aromatic polyamides and carbon fibers, to the operating and managing of the resulting global advanced materials businesses.

Dr. Evangelos Hristoforou, Professor, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Biography & Research Activities: In 2010, Dr. Hristoforou was appointed as Professor in the field of Electronic Materials at the Laboratory of Physical Metallurgy, School of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His research topics include magnetic materials and sensors. He has published more than 170 ISI journal papers, more than 50 conference papers and he holds 5 international patents (h-index:28).

Dr. Fabrizio Nardo, Director of Technology, Antifemo Srl, Italy

Biography & Research Activities: Technical Director of R&TIA; Consultancy in over 70 civil and criminal proceedings relating to violations of health and environmental standards. Owner of national and international patents on biochemical processes, biocatalysts, biomass plants using advanced biotechnology; Renewables Energy Sources technologies (PV, CSP, floating off-shore turbines, etc.) and large-scale fossil power plant technologies knowledge.

Dr. Francois Trochu, Adjunct Professor, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada

Biography & Research Activities: Aerospace, aeronautical and automotive engineering

Dr. Hairong Lei, Research Staff Engineer, ASML HMI, USA; Executive Vice President of Trademarkia, USA

Biography & Research Activities: Dr. Hairong Lei’s previous rich research experience covers many famous international companies at USA like Microsoft, Philips, Abbott, Thermo Fisher, and Agilent etc. His publications covers topics in both optics and computer science fields. He is a member of the International Editorial Board of the IEEE Advanced Computer Magazine (IJACT) and was the co-chair of the 2009-2012 IEEE Computer International Conference: He is also an Entrepreneur and was the Executive Vice President of Trademarkia, a US IP big data/Internet company, from 2012-2019.

Mr. Hadi Moztarzadeh, Senior Technology Officer, University of Warwick, UK

Biography & Research Activities: Dr Moztarzadeh is the Senior Technology Officer (STO) at WMG Centre High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, where the main scope of his role is to Shape the technology strategy of WMG Centre and HVMC Catapult; also to drive collaboration across the HVM Catapult centres. Dr Moztarzadeh has been involved in a range of research activities from proposal/bid writing to supervising research projects and conference/journal publications. He has led three research projects to determine residual stress and microstructural evolution in Additive Manufacturing process of metallic parts in collaboration with ESRF and ILL, Grenoble France and ANSTO in Australia

Dr. Lidietta Giorno, Director, Institute on Membrane Technology of the National Research Council of Italy, Italy

Biography & Research Activities: Membrane bioengineering, biocatalytic membrane reactors, integrated membrane systems for bioseparations and bioconversions, downstream processing based on molecular separation, membrane chirotechnology, membrane emulsifier, integrated membrane operations for water treatment. She has been involved in membrane science, engineering research and development some 25 years, being involved in research co-operations at European and international level.

Pr. Nour-Eddine Fenineche, Professor, The University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM), France

Biography & Research Activities: New metal hydrides for hydrogen storage using both Ab initio calculations and experimental elaboration. Elaboration of Nanomaterials for IT-SOFC Fuel Cells. Magnetic thin films for Sensors and actuators. DMS materials for spintronic applications, Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Coatings intended for magnetic shielding using HVOF and cold spraying, Smart Materials processed by Additive Manufacturing and 4D printing. His scientific production more than 120 papers in international reviews journals (refereed Journals), 117 international conferences reviewed and proceedings and more than 35 international conferences with personal invitation.

Dr. Oleksandr Malyuskin, Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Biography & Research Activities: The results of research have been published in more than 60 peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings including IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagations, IEEE Transaction on instrumentation and Measurement, IET Science, Measurement & Technology,IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Radiophysics and Radioastronomy, Int. Journal of Numerical Modelling, etc. Five of my publications have been cited more than 200 times in high impact journals including Science and Nature Materials.

Dr. Sanjeev Sanghi, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Biography & Research Activities: Dean, Alumni Affairs and International Programmes, IIT Delhi (2016-Present), Areas: Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Chaos, Dynamical Systems, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition applied to various fields of engineering

Dr. Vitalyi Igorevich Talanin, Full Professor and Scientific Consultant at the Khortytsia National Academy, Ukraine

Biography & Research Activities: Since 2012 Dr. Vitalyi Igorevich Talanin was the Full Professor and Vice-Chief of Computer Science & Software Engineering Dept. at the Institute of Economics & Information Technologies (Zaporozhye, Ukraine). Since 2019 he is the Full Professor and Scientific Consultant at the Khortytsia National Academy (Zaporozhye, Ukraine). Dr. Talanin was awarded a President Grant for Scientific Researches. Dr. Talanin has written 13 monographs and ca. 200 scientific papers.

Dr. Wael Zatar, Dean and Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, Marshall University, USA

Biography & Research Activities: Prof. Wael Zatar serves as the Dean of the College of Information Technology and Engineering and was named the Distinguished J.H. Fletcher Chair of Engineering at Marshall University. Many factual references support the positive impacts Dr. Zatar has made in the engineering fields. A fellow of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, he received more than 80 awards and honors. He has 26 years of research and experience that gained him national and international acclaim as he made outstanding contributions to the education, research and development through receiving a plethora of significant funded research grants.


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