WCAM 2022 | Tokyo, Japan

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Block 1: Frontiers of Advanced Materials and Technology
Session 101: AI, Next-Generation Robotics and Automation (Part I)
Session 102: 3D/4D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
Session 103: Advanced Packaging Materials and Technology
Session 104: Sensors
Session 105: Advanced Technology and Materials for IT & ICT (Part I)
Session 106: Thin Films and Coatings
Session 107: Graphite, Graphene Technologies and Carbon Materials
Session 108: Quantum Dots and Quantum Technology
Session 109: Advanced Technology and Materials for IT & ICT (Part II)
Session 110: AI, Next-Generation Robotics and Automation (Part II)

Block 2: Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials
Session 201: Laser, Photonics and Optical Materials
Session 202: Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials
Session 203: New Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials
Session 204: Magnetic, Multiferroic Materials and Superconductors
Session 205: Microelectronics, Integrated Circuit and Semiconductors (Part I)
Session 206: Display Materials and Imaging Devices
Session 207: Microelectronics, Integrated Circuit and Semiconductors (Part II)

Block 3: Advanced Functional Materials
Session 301: Metal, Alloys and Metallurgy
Session 302: Advanced Ceramics and Glass
Session 303: Fiber and Textiles
Session 304: Novel Polymer Materials (Part I)
Session 305: Multifunctional Composite
Session 306: Catalysis and Catalytic Materials
Session 307: Biomedical Materials and Medical Devices (Part II)
Session 308: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
Session 309: Smart Materials and Wearable Technology
Session 310: Novel Polymer Materials (Part II)
Session 311: Biomedical Materials and Medical Devices (Part I)

Block 4: Green Materials for Energy and Environment
Session 401: Environmental Materials and Water Treatment Technology
Session 402: Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Materials and Devices
Session 403: Batteries, Fuel Cells and Electrolyer Technology
Session 404: Renewable Energy
Session 405: Energy Conversion, Storage and Transport

Block 5: Fundamental Science and Engineering of Advanced Materials
Session 501: Materials Design, Synthesis, Processing and Modeling
Session 502: Testing, Analysis and Advanced Methods for Characterization
Session 503: Mechanics & Physical Behavior of Materials and Surface Science

Block 6: Industrial Applications on Advanced Materials
Session 601: Advanced Materials for Automotive and Aerospace Engineering
Session 602: Advanced Materials for Civil Engineering and Architecture
Session 603: Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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