The World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell 2023

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am very pleased to welcome you to World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell. BIT Group Global Ltd. is a recognized leader in the innovative design and successful realization of scientific meetings. Our goal is to bring together established scientists and young investigators in a broad range of academic fields and to foster useful exchanges of concepts and methods among conferees. These are not large, institutionalized conferences, but are well focused meetings of limited size which enable one-on-one and small group discussions among academics trainees and industry scientists. We can discuss ideas, results and techniques in detail. As a result, we have received overwhelmingly positive comments from our conference participants.

Our primary theme this year is to expand our understanding of the interplay between stem cell and cell biology. We want to do this both fundamental concept level and the technique level. A principal objective is to broaden our understanding of the survival mechanisms exploited by cancer cell thus enable development of novel anticancer treatment techniques.

We hope that all participants will have a productive, inspiring and scientifically enjoyable experience.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Xiaodan Mei
Executive Chair
President of BIT Congress Inc., China

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