The World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell 2023

Program Layout


Track1: The Frontier of Stem Cell
RMSC 101: Stem Cell Biology and Interdisciplinary Research
RMSC1 02: Stem Cell Apoptosis and Signal Transduction
RMSC 103: Reprogramming Stem Cells
RMSC 104: Oncology, Cancer Stem Cell
RMSC 105: Stem Cell Transplantation
RMSC 106: DNA Damage and Repair
RMSC 107: Stem Cell Nanotechnology
Track2: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
RMSC 201: Roadmap and Disruptive Tech of Tissue Engineering
RMSC 202: Tissue Engineering and 3D Printing
RMSC 203: Blue Print and Innovative of Regenerative Medicine
RMSC 204: Breakthroughs in Disclosing Specific Functional Stem Cells
RMSC 205: Scientific Innovations in Tissue & Organ Engineering
Track3: The Therapy of Stem cells
RMSC 301: Organoids and Disease Models
RMSC 302: Disruptive Breakthroughs in Stem Cells
RMSC 303: Advances in Stem Cell Therapy
RMSC 304: Stem Cell for Drug Discovery
RMSC 305: Stem Cell Translational Medicine
RMSC 306: Stem Cell for Anti-agin
RMSC 307: Smart Triad Bioprocessing Symposium
RMSC 308: Chinese Stem Cell R&D

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