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Neurotalk 2023 is a science and technology event which brings together neuroscientists, neurologists and neurosurgeons from around the globe gather to exchange ideas and debut cutting-edge research and therapy-oriented technologies in the key areas of clinical neurology, provides participating scientists and clinicians with a unique networking platform. Neurotalk 2023 enables presenters and delegates to enjoy the state of the art oral and poster presentations covering the in-depth findings and the extraordinary advances on the treatment of injuries and illnesses affecting the brain, spine and nervous system.


● 500+ Attendees Coming from All over the World to Exchange Ideas, Build New Networks, and Foster Friendships
● 300+ Oral Presentations Covering the Hot Topics and Cutting-edge Technology in the Field of Neuroscience
● Cutting-edge Keynote Addresses by Prominent Leaders from All over the World
● Disseminate your project, present your activities and meet partners for future collaboration at the Neurotalk-2023
● Opportunities to Visit Famous Scenic Spots & Historical Sites in Japan


Renowned Speakers

Dr. Kenneth Barish, Clinical Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College, USA Dr. Gordon T. Plant, Honorary Associate Professor, University College London, UK Dr. Mark E. Williams, Director of Dialysis, Harvard Medical School, USA
Dr. Cameron R. Hernandez,Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Mount Sinai Health System, USA Dr. Ying Xia, Distinguished Professor, Fudan University, China Dr. Philipp von Gottberg, Professor, Katharinenhospital Stuttgart, Germany
Dr. Dong Seok Kim, CEO and Founder, Aevis Bio, Inc.,South Korea Dr. Janet A. Bregar, Part-Time Lecturer, California State University Fullerton, USA Dr. Carrie Jones, Principal Investigator, Vanderbilt University, USA
Dr. Amitabha Lahiri, Consultant Hand Surgeon, Raffles Hospital, Singapore Dr. Yong Tae Kwon, Professor, Seoul National University, South Korea Dr. Arun Aggarwal, Professor, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia
Dr. James Hutson, Head, Lindenwood University, USA Dr. Chen-Jee Hong, Attending Psychiatrist, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan (China) Dr. Albert KK Chung, Clinical Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Renowned Speakers of Previous Events

Dr. Wolfgang Laube, Senior, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany Dr. Jianhua Yang, Professor, University of Massachusetts, USA Dr. Rajendra Badgaiyan, Chief of Psychiatry, Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital, USA
Dr. Trent Lund, President, Stoelting Co., USA Dr. Uwe Max Mauer, Professor, Armed Forces Germany, Germnay Dr. Gordon T. Plant,Honorary Associate Professor, University College London, UK
Dr. Sat Dev Batish, Chief Director, Athena Diagnostics, USA Dr. Sugako Oka, Guest Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center, USA; Kyushu University, Japan Dr. Matthias W. Riepe,Professor, University of Ulm, Germany
Dr. Sung-Don Kang, Professor, Wonkwang University Hospital, South Korea Dr. Abraham Avi Ashkenazi, Director, Sha’are Zedek Medical Center, Israel Dr. Michael Besser,Clinical Professor, University of Sydney, Australia
Dr. Mzia G Zhvania, Professor, Ilia State University, Georgia Dr. Carmen Paz Suarez Araujo, Professor, Instituto Universitario de Ciencias y Tecnologías Cibernéticas Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Ms. Dinah Weissmann, CSO, Alcediag, France
Dr. Cristina Perez-Guillot,Senior Lecturer, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain Dr. Barry D Jordan, Chief Medical Officer, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, USA Dr. Matthew C.L. Phillips, Neurologist, Waikato Hospital, New Zealand
Dr. Vitaly Kovalchuk,Professor, Saint-Petersburg State-financed Healthcare Institution "N.A. Semashko city hospital", Russia Dr. Pradeep Mammen,Associate Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA Dr. Joseph P Leahy, Medical Director, Chiropractic Health Sports Enhancement, USA
Dr. Bertrand Degos, Professor, Hopital de la Salpetriere, France Dr. Jian Ma, Senior Researcher, Hitachi (China) Research & Development Corporation, China Dr. Lin Zhang, Co-director, DBS program, UC Davis Medical Center, USA
Dr. Stefan Strotzka, Clinical Psychologist, Geronto-Psychiatric Center for Psychosocial Services in Vienna, Austria Dr. Min-Hua Luo, Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Dr. Brian Toyota, Head, Division of Neurosurgery, UBC/VGH, Canada
Dr. Yuri P Danilov, Leading Scientist, Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Science, Russia Dr. Sergey V. Ulyanov, Professor, Dubna State University, Russia Dr Sigal Meilin, Chief Scientific Officer, MD BiosciencesInnovalora Ltd., Israel
Dr. Matteo Roffilli, CEO, BIORETICS SRL, Italy Dr. Jaime Tisnado, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA Dr. Paolo Milia, Chairman Neurorehabilitation and Robotic Area, Istituto Prosperius Tiberino, Umbertide (PG),Italy
Dr. Andrew CK Law, Honorary Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, University of Hong Kong, China Dr. Cameron R. Hernandez, Associate Professor, The Mount Sinai Hospital, USA Dr. Betsy Ng, Research Scientist, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Sapporo, Japan

Introduction of Sapporo


Sapporo, as the fifth largest city of Japan, and the largest city on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, is situated in the southwestern part of Hokkaido, and lies within the alluvial fan of the Toyohira River, a tributary stream of the Ishikari River. The population of Sapporo is about 2 million people, and the city covers a total area of 1,121 square kilometers (433 square miles). Sapporo is characterized by four distinct seasons, including a cool summer and cold, snowy winter. It became world famous in 1972 when the Olympic Winter Games were held there, and that was the first Winter Olympics held in Asia. Sapporo plays a role as a major cultural destination and is home to some of Japan’s best-known culinary dishes, theatrical and musical events, as well as points of interest and attractions such as museums and lovely parks that are well worth including on foreign visitor's itinerary in Japan.

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Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA (Dalian Branch)

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