Nano-2023 | Barcelona, Spain
★ Program Layout

The 11th Annual Congress of
Theme: Shaping the Bright Future with Disruptive Innovation
Time: July 22-24, 2023
Place: Barcelona, Spain



Main Conference
Day 1: PL & Dialog:

Part 1: Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum

Part 2: Dialogs with Masters, Leaders and Decision Makers
Day 2: PL & Dialog:

Part 1: Nano Science and Technology Leadership Summit

Part 2: Panel Discussion 


Block 1: Breaking Research of Nano Science and Technology

Session 1-1: Frontiers of Nanochemistry
Session 1-2: Frontiers of Nanophysics
Session 1-3: Nano-fluidics and Integrated Bio-chips
Session 1-4: Atom Catalysis and Nanocatalysis
Session 1-5: Nanobioscience and Nanobiotechnology
Block 2:New Nanomaterials

Session 2-1: Graphene& Fullerene
Session 2-2: New Nano-thin Film
Session 2-3: Nanoparticles
Session 2-4: Nanotube and Nanowires
Session 2-5: Nanocomposites
Session 2-6: Nanoporous Materials and Devices
Session 2-7: Nanopolymer
Session 2-8: Nanocoatings
Session 2-9: NanocrystalsandNanoQuasicrystals
Session 2-10: Electrochemical Nanomaterials
Session 2-11: New Nanometal and Nanoalloy
Session 2-12: Nanofibers
Session 2-13: Nanofluids
Session 2-14: Nano-Ceramics
Session 2-15: Quantum Dots, Quantum Wire and Quantum Well
Session 2-16: Low-Dimensional Materialsbeyond Graphene
Session 2-17: Diamond Nanomaterials
Session 2-18: Advanced 2D Materials and Applications

Block 3:Nano-Fabrication, Characterization and Nanoengineering

Session 3-1: Innovative Patterning, Nanofabrication, Nanolithography and Nanomanufacturing
Session 3-2: Synthesis, Preparation and Processing of Nanostructured Materials
Session 3-3: Nano Imaging and Microscopy for Nanomaterials Characterization
Session 3-4: Nanocoatings and Nano Surface Engineering

Session 3-5: Nano 3D Printing
Block 4:Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology

Session 4-1: Nano-imaging for Diseases Diagnosis and Therapy
Session 4-2: Nano Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Nanocarriers
Session 4-3: Cancer Nanotechnology
Session 4-4: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Nanomedicine
Session 4-5: Nanotechnology in Medical Devices
Session 4-6: DNA Nanotechnology
Session 4-7: Nano and Microsystems for Synthetic Biology and Biocatalysis
Block 5: Nanoelectronics, NanoOptics, NanoPhotonics and Nanomagnetism

Session 5-1: Nano Electronics and Molecular Electronics

Session 5-2: Nano Electronic Devices, Sensors, MEMS and NEMS

Session 5-3: NanoOptics, NanoPhotonics, NanoOptoelectronics and Plasmonics
Session 5-4: Nanomagnetics & Magneto-optical Nanomaterials and Spintronics
Session 5-5: Metals, Semiconductors and Junction Devices
Session 5-6: Nano-Silicon and Silicon-Microelectronics
Session 5-7: Quantum Electronics
Block 6: Nanotech for Energy and Environment

Session 6-1: Nanotechnology for Energy Harvesting, Conversion, Storage and Novel Generation

Session 6-2: Nanotechnology for Energy Storage and Novel Generation

Session 6-3: Nanotech for Fuel Cells and Solar Cells

Session 6-4: NanoNuclear Materials

Session 6-5: Nanotechnology in Waste Water Treatment

Session 6-6: Nanotechnology for Pollutant Detection, Clean and Sustainable Technology

Session 6-7: Nanotech for Environment Monitoring, Protection and Remediation

Session 6-8: Applications of Nanotechnology in Energy Exploitation
Block 7:Nanotech for Other Applications

Session 7-1: Nanotech in Smart Textiles and Wearable Technology
Session 7-2: Nanotech in Agriculture and Food Industry
Session 7-3: Nanotech in Chemical Industry and Nanocosmetics
Session 7-4: Nanotech in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Session 7-5: Nanotech in Automobile Industry
Session 7-6: Nanotechnologies for Construction Industry
Session 7-7: Nanotech in Mining and Metallurgy
Block 8: Nanobioscience and Nanobiotechnology

Session 8-1: Frontiers of Nano Science and Technology
Session 8-2: Nano-Fabrication, Characterization and Nanoengineering
Session 8-3: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
Session 8-4: Nanoelectronics, NanoOptics, NanoPhotonics and Nanomagnetism
Session 8-5: Nanotech for Energy and Environment
Session 8-6: Nanotech for Other Applications


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