BIT's 7th International Congress of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (ICGO-2019)
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Poster Abstract

There will be an exhibition of posters at the conference and the abstracts of accepted posters will be published in the conference program. You will be notified if your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation as soon as it has been reviewed by the organizing committee. All accepted posters will be presented at Poster Viewing Session during the conference. Posters will be reviewed for oral presentations 4-6 weeks prior to the conference. Oral presenters will be notified via email or telephone at least 3 weeks before the conference. The selected presenters will be posted on the agenda.

Materials to hang your posters with will be available at the poster area. Set up time TBA. You will receive your poster number 4-6 weeks prior to the conference.

Your presence will be highly recommended during lunches and coffee breaks for discussion with those who are interested in your research.

Poster abstracts format

Posters will be judged during the conference. You are invited to submit a poster abstract on the following themes of the conference for presentation in poster format. Posters submitted should be based upon original / ongoing research. Abstracts should be submitted electronically by August 3, 2018 to:

Abstracts must be submitted electronically. They should be in the following format:
• Title in block capitals
• Author (s) and principal affiliations, with the presenting author named first
• Abstract text, of not more than 500 words, you may include the objective/purpose, method, results, and conclusion. Additionally the presenter should prepare some copies of the paper and name card, which can be distributed to the participants for keeping contact.
• A list of references is optional (no more than 5)

Poster Instructions: Guidelines
• The regular poster size is 70cm (wide) x 90cm (high).
• The text must be typed in single line spacing in black using less than 12 pitch characters to ensure that the visitors can see clearly outside 1.5 meters.
• You may display your poster during the conference

Remark: For Poster Registration Only
1. If attending to our conference, the registration is for poster exhibition, not across to the other program, welcome banquet, meals and social event. The abstract of poster shall embody into the proceeding of conference; we shall provide the space for poster exhibition, excluding poster making.
2. If not attending to our conference, the abstract of poster shall embody into the proceeding of conference; we shall provide the space for poster exhibition, including poster making.

Please PRINT THE POSTER including the names of the authors and the title.

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