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World High Technology Society

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Program Layout

World Congress of

Physics Frontier 2023

Theme: Open the Window of the Unknown World

Time: May 17-19, 2023

Venue: Osaka, Japan

Program Design

Theme 1: Plenary Lectures

Part 1: Opening Ceremony

Part 2: Keynote Forum

Part 3: High-end Dialog

Theme 2: Parallel Forums

Forum 1: Frontiers of Theoretical Physics

Session 1-1: Novel Quantum Mechanical Model: Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model

Session 1-4: Multi-body Localization System


Session 1-2: Periodic Drive Quantum System

Session 1-5:Progress on Condensed Matter Theory and Calculation

Session 1-3:Breakthrough in String Theory, Gravity Theory and Cosmology

Session 1-6:Advanced Space Exploration Technology


Forum 2: R & D of Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics

Session 2-1: Four-quark State and Five-quark State Strange Hadron

Session 2-4: Breakthrough in Dark matter indirect detection

Session 2-2: The Latest Progress of QCD Phase Transition

Session 2-5: Advanced Nuclear Technology

Session 2-3: Neutrino: New Upper Quality Limit


Session 2-6: New Experimental Equipment and Testing Technology

Forum 3: Hot Science in Atomic and Molecular Physics

Session 3-1: Atom, Molecule, Photon Interaction and Spectrum

Session 3-3: Atomic and Molecular Physics under Extreme Conditions

Session 3-2: Collision Process and Interaction between Atoms and Molecules

Session 3-4: Theory and Measurement of Precision Atom and Molecule

Forum 4: New Insight on Plasma physics

Session 4-1: Low Temperature and Technological Plasmas

Session 4-3: Magnetic Confinement Fusion

Session 4-2: High Energy Density Plasmas

Session 4-4: The Latest Plasma Applications and Technologies

Forum 5: Breakthrough in Condensed Matter Physics

Session 5-1: Quantum Spin Liquids

Session 5-4: Topological Phononic Crystals

Session 5-2: Majorana Fermions

Session 5-5: New Magnetic Research Findings

Session 5-3: Nitrogen two-dimensional Materials

Session 5-6: Advanced Superconducting Technology

Forum 6: Cutting-edge Radio Physics Technology

Session 6-1: Software Radio Technology

Session 6-3: Software Radio Technology

Session 6-2: Shortwave Communication Technology

Session 6-4: Radio Wave Propagation and Engineering Applications

Forum 7:Emerging Acoustic Technology

Session 7-1: Acoustics, Vibration, Noise Control

Session 7-3: Signal Processing Technology

Session 7-2: Acoustic Measurement and Sensor Technology

Session 7-4: Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Technology

Forum 8: Disruptive Optics Technologies

Session 8-1: Novel deep ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystal

Session 8-4: Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Session 8-2: Metal Nanostructured Surface

Session 8-5: Optoelectronic Technology System and Inspection

Session 8-3: Optical Atomic Clock

Session 8-6: Advanced Laser Technology

Forum 9: Physics Education

Session 9-1: Research on Improving Physics Education

Session 9-2: Internet Plus Physics Education

Forum 10: Young Physicists Forum

Session 10-1: Young Theoretical Physicists Forum

Session 10-2: YoungApplied Physicists Forum

Theme 3: Poster Sessions and Exhibition

Zone A: AcademicPhysics Posters

Zone C: Innovative Instruments and Equipment

Zone B: Industrial Physics Posters

Zone D: Physical Tech and Custom Services

Theme 4: Social Activities and Cultural Events

Activity 1: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance

Activity 4: Field Trip to Parks

Activity 2: Industrial Sponsored Social Dinner

Activity 5: Post-Congress Tour

Activity 3: Master Tours to Campus

Activity 6: Closing and Signing Ceremony

Hosting Organization

Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA (Dalian Branch)

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