BIT's 9th Annual World Congress of Ocean-2021
★ Program Layout

BIT's 9th Annual World Congress of

OCEAN    2021
Embracing Disruptive Innovation Leading Sustainable Future
June 16-18, 2021 | Singapore

Block 1: Pre-Conference Activity
Act 1: Pre-conference VIP Activities Act 2: Global Ocean Strategy Forum-Common Interests and Special Interests
Block 2: Main Conference
-New Vision of Blue Economy toward 2030
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Keynote Forum
Part 3: High-end Dialogue:
Part 4: Ocean City Mayors Forum
Block 3: Industrial Development Submit
1. High-end Marine Equipment Manufacturing Industry
2. Modern Marine Chemical Industry
3. Modern Port, Logistics and Marine Transportation Industry
4. Marine Clean Energy
5. Modern Marine Fishery
6. Marine Biomedicine
7. Marine Tourism
8. Modern Marine Service
Block 4: Parallel Forums
Track 1 : Maritime Law
1. Recent Developments in Maritime Law, Marine Security
3. Maritime Competition Law
2. Maritime Arbitration
4. Marine Insurance Law
Track 2: Ocean Economy and Finance
1. Current Situation and Future Development of Ocean Economy 2. Latest Trends of Ocean Finance and Investment
Track 3: Coastal and Ocean Engineering
1. Coastal Engineering and Development
3: Advanced Underwater & Deep-sea Engineering Technology
2. Offshore Ocean Engineering
4. Seawater Desalination Engineering
Track 4: Ocean Energy Development and Utilization
1. Ocean Renewable Energy- Offshore Wind Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal, Thermal Energy
3. Government & Investor Guidelines for Ocean Energy Developers
2. Understanding Ocean Resources for Renewable Power Generation
4. Marine Fossil Energy Exploitation and Environmental Protection
Track 5: Emerging Ocean Science and Technology
1: Breaking Marine Science & Oceanography
3. Latest Research in Marine Biology and Biotechnology
5. Marine Meteorology
7. Maritime Education
2. Future Ocean Innovative Technologies
4. Anti-Corrosion and High Performance Materials for Ocean Industry
6. Smart Ocean
Track 6: Ocean Management and Environment Protection
1. Advanced Ocean Observing and Detection Technology
3. Climate & Sea Level Change
5. Ocean Disaster & Emergency Response
2. Advanced GIS & Remote Sensing Technology
4. Marine Debris, Pollution and Environment Protection
6. Ocean Sustainable Development and Ecosystem Protection
Track 7: Smart Port, Green Shipping & Shipbuilding
1. Smart Port Planning, Management & Operation
3. Green Shipping & Shipping Sustainability
5. Modern Navigation Technologies and Innovations
2. Modern Logistics & Supply Chain
4. Ship Design & Building, Recycling and Repair
6. Novel Ballast Water Technology
Track 8: Marine BiotechnologyForums
1. Frontiers of Marine Biology and Biotechnology
3. Marine Industrial Biotechnology
2. Marine Drugs
4. Marine-based Personal Care and Cosmetics
Track 9:Aquaculture and Fisheries Forums
1. Aquaculture Reproduction & Breeding Technology
3. Sustainable Aquaculture &Fisheries
5. Algae Research and Value-added Products
2. Aquatic Nutrition, Disease & Health Management
4. Smart Aquaculture and Fishery
6. Seafood Processing Technologies, Product Quality, Consumers and Marketing
Block 5: Business and Career Development
-New Gateway for Growth
1. Roundtable: Business Matchmaking 2. Career Star Treck
Block 6: Social and Culture Events
-Friendship Makes Innovation Easier
Welcome Banquet and Culture Performance
-Enjoy the Network in Our Happy Common Community
Closing Ceremony -Farewell for a Better Tomorrow
Block 7: Exhibition and Posters
Pavilion 1: Exhibitions of Ocean Tech and Products Pavilion 2: Young Scientist Forum and Posters of R & D
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Conference Chairman

Mr. Matthew Tan
CEO, Asia, Assentoft Aqua Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore

Hosting Organization

Information Research Center of International Talent, China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China

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