The 2nd World Conference of Immuno-Oncology-2019 (WCIO-2019)
Social Events

In order to let participants from every corner of the world make full use of the conference, the committee invest a lot of energy to design and develop different kinds of activist. During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting social program including: the Opening Ceremony, Welcome Banquet, Artist Performance, and Optional Tours. A complete description of the social program for the congress will be available shortly.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is at 9:00 a.m. of the first day of the conference. All the delegates are anticipated to attend this event. The opening ceremony provides excellent exposure for conference partners, which includes an impressive video presentation and a featured address delivered by a distinguished and illustrious speaker. Executives from GO and NGO, Governmental Regulatory Officers, Leading Scientists, Experts, Professionals and Industrial Leaders around the world will deliver excellent speeches at the opening ceremony.

Welcome Banquet and Performance

Welcome Banquet is the most symbolic social event of this year’s conference. It is also our strong expectation that all friends present here can learn more about this city from aspects of economy, science and technology, education, culture, etc. All attendees can communicate with each other, exchange ideas, make friends with others, learn from the achievements and look forward to the future in such relaxed and warm atmosphere.


The cultural performance provides an excellent opportunity to experience artistic expression from a culture other than your own.

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