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American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity nanopowders, composites, functionalized & smart materials for sensors, defense, aerospace, & biotechnology.

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Participant Guideline

Thank you for attending this conference. Please read carefully the following instructions and guidelines for paper submissions and oral presentations.



1. Preparations - Paper Abstract

All speakers have the opportunity to write a short abstract of their research work. Please submit your abstract by email to elsa-wcam@eventcomittee.com Selected abstracts will be listed on the conference website after they are accepted.

We kindly request that you keep in mind the deadline for abstracts submissions: March 20, 2024.


2. Your Written Presentation

Please prepare your presentation in the English language. The absolute deadline to include your presentation in the Conference Proceedings is March 20, 2024. We need to receive your paper in our office on or before this date. Papers received after this date cannot be included in the printed conference proceedings. Please submit your paper in MS Word through email to elsa-wcam@eventcomittee.com


3. Format of Your Written Paper

emplate file could be download from the homepage of the conference, the abstract could be made directly in it. Please present in the following manner: Times New Roman, Exactly 12pt, 10, plain, bold your paper should contain the following:

(Please refer to the enclosed Example Document)

● Name, occupation, employer of speaker.

● Abstract

● Personal resume of the speaker under the heading ‘Abstract’


Your paper will be printed as you deliver it. Please make sure that all materials are of a representative quality. Your paper should not exceed 400 words.
Important Note: Copies of overheads or PowerPoint slides areNOT ACCEPTABLE as your written paper.


4. Your Oral Presentation

Digital presentation for your oral presentation you may bring a PowerPoint file on a USB flash drive (memory stick). The staff will help to copy these files onto the general laptop for beamer projection about 15 mins before your session begins. It is suggested that you email a copy of your presentation to your personal inbox as a backup copy. If for some reason the files can’t be accessed from your flash drive, you will be able to download them to the computer from your email.
Use of your own laptop is not recommended.


● Movies: If your PowerPoint files contain movies please make sure that they are well formatted and connected to the main files.

● Timing: Please make sure your presentation is well timed. Each speaker has a maximum of 20 minutes total, including speaking time and discussion. Please keep in mind that the program is full and that the speaker after you would like their allocated time available to them.


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