BIT' 13th Annual World Protein & Peptide Conference-2023

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Nexus 1: Philosophy of Life’s Carriers

Nexus 1-1: Novel Protein Expression Systems and Post Translational Modifications

Nexus 1-2: Frontiers of Protein Structures, Self-Assembly and Functions

Nexus 1-3: Protein-Protein, Protein-DNA/RNA Interactions

Nexus 1-4: Protein Misfolding Diseases and Protein Degradation

Nexus 2: The Nature Is a Pharmacist or a Doctor

Nexus 2-1: New Proteins-based Drug Target

Nexus 2-2: Recombinant Plasma Protein Therapeutics

Nexus 2-3: Protein as Biomarkers for Diagnostics

Nexus 2-4: Protein Drugs for Genetic, Hormonal, Metabolic and Immunologic Disorders

Nexus 2-5: Protein Therapy for Cancer & Hematological Disorders

Nexus 2-6: Bispecific Antibodies and Combination Therapies

Nexus 2-7: Cell Line Development Strategies

Nexus 2-8: Characterizing Protein Aggregates and Impurities

Nexus 2-9: Vector Design and Development for Gene and Cell Therapies

Nexus 2-10: Cell and Gene Therapy Analytics and Manufacturing

Nexus 3: Art of Constructing Living Molecules

Nexus 3-1: Protein Nanotechnology

Nexus 3-2: Protein Designs and Synthesis

Nexus 3-3: Screening, Selection Assays and Directed Evolution

Nexus 3-4: Protein Engineering, Optimizing Expression and Purification

Nexus 3-5: Application of Accelerated Vaccines and Antibody Discovery

Nexus 4: New Paths to Life Science Breakthroughs

Nexus 4-1: Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology

Nexus 4-2: Next Generation Proteomics

Nexus 4-3: Membrane and Cellular Proteins

Nexus 4-4: Protein Therapeutics R & D

Nexus 4-5: Protein/Peptide Chips and Microarrays

Nexus 5: Pushing the Boundaries of Peptide Science

Nexus 5-1: Peptide Chemistry, Synthesis and Biosynthesis

Nexus 5-2: Emerging Peptide-based Technologies

Nexus 5-3: Preface to Study on Structural Diversity of Peptides

Nexus 5-4: Peptides in Oncology

Nexus 5-5: Peptide Materials and Applications

Nexus 5-6: Peptide Tools, Technologies and Techniques

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