BIT's 12th Annual World Protein & Peptide Conference (PepCon-2019)
★ Program Layout

BIT's 12thAnnual World

Protein & Peptide Conference

Theme: From Scientific Breakthroughs to Novel Application

Time: June14-16, 2019
Venue: Beijing, China

Section 1: Opening Ceremony and Plenary Meeting

Keynote Forum

Section 2: Scientific Program

Track 1: Frontiers in Protein/Proteomics Research

Track 1-1: Protein Structure and Functionn

Track 1-4: PProtein Trafficking, Modification, Signaling Transduction, Regulation, and Quality Control

Track 1-2: Proteins-Dynamics, Stability, Aggregation, Metabolism and Degradation

Track 1-5: Protein Research Tools&Analytical Technologies

Track 1-3: Protein-Protein Interactions and Protein-RNA Interactions

Track 2: Proteins in Health and Disease

Track 2-1: Clinical Application of Protein

Track 2-4: Disease Proteomics

Track 2-2: Proteins as Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Track 2-5: Human Growth Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Track 2-3: Proteins and Cancers

Track 2-6: Insulin, Interferon and Erythropoietin

Track 3: Protein and Proteomics Drug Discovery

Track 3-1: Protein and Proteomics Drug Discovery

Track 3-2: Research and Applications of Therapeutic Antibodies and Vaccines

Track 4: Advances in Protein Engineering

Track 4-1: Protein Engineering, Design & Selection

Track 4-3: Enzyme

Track 4-2: Protein Expression, Purification and Stability

Track 5: Novel Peptides Discovery and Applications

Track 5-1: Novel Peptide Structure and Functions, Peptide Discovery, Synthesis

Track 5-3: New Peptides Drug Discovery

Track 5-2: Peptides for Diagnostics and Therapy

Track 5-4: Novel Bioactive Peptides, Neuropeptide and Biomimetic Peptides

Young Scientists Forum

Forum 1: Breaking Protein Research
Forum2:Emerging Protein and Proteomic Technologies
Forum3: Innovative Protein Design and Expression
Forum4: Protein Biomarker Discovery
Forum 5:Novel Peptide Design and Synthesis

Forum 6: Protein Engineering
Forum 7:Smart Protein/Peptide Materials
Forum 8: Protein and Peptide Drug Discovery
Forum 9: Innovative Protein/PeptideBioanalysis

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