Neurotalk 2021 | Singapore
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pharmaphorum is the primary facilitator of thought leadership and innovation within pharma. We support the next generation of pharmaceutical industry leaders through producing, curating and publishing media that will help pharma embrace the challenges of being a healthcare solutions provider in the 21st century.
Our services include:
 •  Publication of interesting new written, audio and video content addressing critical pharma issues from around the world.
 •  Showcasing key service providers who can work with pharma executives to forge the business models of the future.
 •  Curation of global news, industry events and job opportunities within pharma.
 •  Production of written, audio and video content for publication on pharmaphorum or client channels.
 •  Advice and support on the use of social media within pharma to effectively connect companies, improve PR and share innovation. 


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Bentham Science Publishers is a major STM journal publisher of 116 titles and 240 plus open access journals, answers the information needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical research community. Leading journals include Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 5.212) and Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.63): 

• FREE online journals and information:   
• Subscribe, Consortia, discounted global licenses and trials: 
• Website:


说明: 说明: (a.k.a "CE"), a subsidiary of China Exhibition Limited (Hong Kong), currently with offices and representatives in Hong Kong, Taipei, Xiamen, Nanning (ASEAN Headquarter). CE focuses on all trade shows, exhibitions and business events held in China, and provides online and tailor-made services to all professionals. 

As an exhibition platform of manufacturers, suppliers, trade show organizers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and worldwide buyers and visitors, CE always strives to provide a most comprehensive and accurate China trade shows and business event database to all the clients. In addition, CE is also dedicated to develop business with people in expo and business event industry. More services will be launched to serve your business demand in China in a near future.


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BioConference Live, is a series of information breakthrough online-only events, focused on the Clinical Diagnostics and Life Science communities.  
Live streaming video presentations from thought leaders - with the opportunity for attendees to interact by texting questions to these experts in real-time..
A virtual conference provides advantages including:

  • “No travel or out of office costs”
  • Greater access to content
  • Real-time networking
  • Interactivity
  • A truly global event
  • More efficient use of time and resources



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Bvents is the largest source of information on conferences, tradeshows, conventions, corporate events and exhibitions worldwide. 

Some of the information has includes: 
- 180,000 events worldwide 
- 20,000 Venues world wide 
- Over 150,000 exhibitors listed in these events 
- Over 50,000 event organizers, PCOs and event planners 
- Over 40,000 events in North America 
- On average, 5,000 companies and 750 new speakers are added each month 

Bvents is 100% targeted on business users looking for information about business events. 


说明: 说明: - The Marketplace for Antibodies, ELISA kits, proteins is your independent marketplace for research products. 477,000 antibodies, 205,000 ELISA Kits, 30,000 proteins, 110 supliers from all over the world
- one marketplace
antibodies-online: Search.Order.Apply We help you as a scientist to find the right products. Search in our database, compare similar products online or consult our technical hotline and order directly with us.


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Bio-equip is a professional website which provides the information of equipments, consumables, chemical reagents and experimental animals in life science. Our website which takes full advantage of the most up-to-date computer technologies and networks offers the most all-round and considerate service in the information of biology equipments for not only institutes, universities, labs in hospitals but also scientists in bio-engineering and bio-medicine industries and suppliers of lab equipments who would be exposed to comprehensive and well-timed market information to compare the different products in function and price and promote the development of scientific research and industry.


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World Conference Calendar is a directory publishing information on academic conferences all over the world. Knowledge is really appreciated only when it reached a user. Conferences are one of the best environments that this knowledge is delivered to a large audience. As World Conference Calendar, we are trying to be an effective medium to point out where these exchanges will take place. 
Our main goal is two fold:

  • to provide accurate and timely information to people who are searching for conferences and
  • to provide a medium to conference organizers to post their events through a user friendly interface.

World Conference Calendar was created in 2009.