The 1st Annual World Convention of Aesthetic Medicine (AesMed) 2019
★ Chapter 5
Chapter 5: AesMed Boot Camp 
-Mentors’ Tutoring Courses: The Aesthetic Surgeons Today, The Beauty Engineers Tomorrow
-Mastering Cosmetic Procedures
Workshop 1
Breast Surgery
Workshop 2
Smart Injection and Smart Materials House

-Fillers & Threads, Nanotech and Smart Materials
Workshop 3
Body Lifts
Workshop 4 
Face & Neck
Workshop 5
Toxin World
Workshop 6
Skin Rejuvenation
Workshop 7
Workshop 8
Workshop Part II
-Deep Understanding Reconstructive Procedures
Workshop 9
Breast Reconstruction
And Reduction
Workshop 10
Cleft Lip and Palate Repair
Workshop 11
Gender Confirmation Surgeries and Giant Nevi Removal
Workshop 12 
Hand Surgery
Workshop 13
Lymphedema Surgical Treatment
Workshop 14
Microscope-Assisted Operations
Workshop 15
Chronic Migraine Surgery
Workshop 16
Body Contouring
Workshop 17
Scar Revision
Workshop 18
Deviated Septum Correction
Workshop 19
Reconstruction After Skin Cancer
Workshop 20
Tissue Expansion
Workshop Part III 
-How to Empower Yourself via Rules
Workshop 21
Marketing Issues
Workshop 22
Responsibility Issues
Workshop 23
Ethic & Morality
Workshop 24 
Training Course
Training Course I 
AM Management & Marketing Forum 
-How Successfully to Run a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Training Course II 
Social Media and Aesthetic Medicine Forum 
-How to Enhance Your Business by New Media
Training Course III 
Forensic Aesthetics 
-Justice Behind Manmade Beauty
Training Course IV 
Overseas Aesthetic Medical Tourism 
-Skills to Select your Right Cosmetic Surgeon overseas
Conference Committee
Hosting Organization

Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Repair and Reconstruction Surgery Committee of Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association

Co-hosting Organizations
The First Affiliated Hospital-Dalian Medical University

Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital 
of Dalian University

Dalian Plastic Beauty Branch of Chinese Medical Association
Supporting Organizations

Plastic Surgery Branch of the Chinese Medical Association

Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics

Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery

Chinese Journal of Practical Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Dalian Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Poland Chapter of Anti Ageing Foundation, Society of Regenerative Aesthetic & Functional Medicine

Slovak Society for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology

Operating Organizations

BIT Congress Inc.

Dalian Dafari Beauty & Cosmetic Management Co., Ltd.

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