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The most Prestigious Bureau of International Speakers
We have enormous resources and can invite world-class experts for various kinds of meetings, exhibitions, celebrations and academic exchanges at home and abroad including Nobel Prize Laureates, academicians, senior managers, politicians and other renowned people in the field of economy, culture and science.

1. Speaker Invitation

We invite speakers for governments, universities and industrial associations like Nobile Prize Laureates, experts, academicians, senior managers etc.

2. Intelligence Introduction

More talents from abroad are attracted by these high-end conferences and start their business in China. These intelligence, investment and technology resources are of great importance in innovation.

3. International Exchange of Personnel

We offer specialty hunting service and we believe that elites from various industries coming for meeting are precious intelligence resources and will assist many domestic enterprises in their human resource development.

4. Project Promotion

BIT Conferences provide platforms for elites from various industries to make project promotions, seek for investments and cooperation.

5. Investment & Cooperation

BIT affords platforms for elites to promote projects promotions, which are also positive in project transferring, investment and cooperation.

6. BIT Speaker Bureau


With over 10 years’ experience, BIT Speaker Bureau was founded to provide an open forum for individuals to voice their opinions and points of view. Today we have the largest speaker roster in the industry, from scientists and professors to business leaders and renowned public intellectuals. Our program consultants have a unique understanding of the markets they serve, and are the best in the industry at creatively pairing the right speakers with the right programs to ultimately create an unforgettable event.

You will find valuable event planning and speaker booking resources. Please let us know if you have any specific questions, we are happy to help. BIT Speakers Bureau is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service. From your first call into our office to the time of the speaker’s actual presentation, we are committed to serving you during every step of the process.

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