BIT's World Congress of Robotics - 2016
Introduction of WCR-2016

2016 China (Shenyang) World Congress of Robotics will be held in Shenyang Innovation World, China during August 31-September 2, 2016. The conference will be held together with the 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition and 2nd China Shenyang International Robot Show. In recent years, with the implementation of the national strategy of revitalizing northeast old industrial base, China’s Northeast market has attracted more and more concern from domestic and abroad. In order to effectively promote the exchanges and cooperation of robot industry with other countries and regions of the world, 2nd China Shenyang International Robot Show will be held on September 1-5, 2016 in Shenyang International Exhibition Center, the same period with 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition. During the expo, robot summit forum, new products release and robot originality contest will also be held, aiming at setting up international exchanges and cooperation platform for the domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutions, academic groups and investment and financing institutions, to promote the popularity and rapid & healthy development of robot technology in all the domestic industries. By then, well-known robot enterprises and high class buyers home and abroad will come together.

More information about 2nd China Shenyang International Robot Show, please link to the expo website via

Highlights of the Conference
  • Taking Pulse of Robotics Development, Nobel Laureates and Well-known Corporate Executives gathering in Shenyang
  • 200+ Oral Presentations Covering Hot Topics and Cutting-edge Technologies in the Robot Industry
  • 400+ Exhibitors Showcasing the Emerging New Products
  • 30 Breakout Sessions on the Frontier Robot Technologies, Covering Current Hot Issues
  • 40+ Matchmaking Projects Providing Abundant Business Opportunities
  • Parallelled with the 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition and 2nd China Shenyang International Robot Show
  • Building up a High-end International Conference Brand, Promoting Scientific Exchanges and Cooperative Development and Establishing a Marketing Platform
A.M. Turing Award Laureate
Dr. Joseph Sifakis, 2007 A.M. Turing Award Laureate
Computer Scientist, CNRS, France
Title: Artificial Intelligence -- Limitations, Trends and Challenges
Past Event Renowned Speakers
Dr. George Fitzgerald Smoot, Nobel Prize in Physics (2006)
Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Dr. Eric Stark Maskin, Nobel Prize in Economics (2007)
Adams University Professor, Harvard University, USA
Dr. Thomas Christian Südhof, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2013)
Professor, Stanford University, USA
Dr. Jie Zhao, Expert Group Leader, Intelligent Robot in National High Technology R&D Program; Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Mr. Seigo Nishikawa, Direct General Manager, Yaskawa Electric (China) Cooperation, Japan Dr. Ji Zhao, President, Northeastern University, China
Dr. Mel Torrie, CEO and Founder, Autonomous Solutions, Inc., USA Dr. Daokui Qu, CEO, Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd.; Deputy Director, National Robotic Engineering & Research Center, China
Program Layout
Sector 1: Main Conference
Part 1: Opening Ceremony Part 2: Keynote Forum
Sector 2: Parallel Forums
Theme 1: Robot Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation Symposium Theme 2: Global Policy, Market Trend, Business Development of Robotics Industry
Theme 3: Application and Development of Robots Theme 4: Robots Manufacture and Security
Theme 5: Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Theme 6: Social Events & Cultural Activities
Sector 3: 2nd China Shenyang International Robot Expo
Sector 4: Robot Contest
Sector 5: Closing Ceremony

Though service robot is a young member of the robot family, it’s already used in the disabled assistant, homework, medical, maintenance, repair, transportation, cleaning, security, rescue, entertainment, custody and so forth. 2nd China Shenyang International Robot Show provides an efficient communication platform for sponsors and exhibitors. Contact us today to secure your presence at this year's exhibition!

Past Event Report

In order to effectively promote the exchanges and cooperation on robot industry with other countries and regions of the world, 2015 China (Shenyang) World Congress of Robotics (WCR-2015) was held in Shenyang Hunnan Headquarters Center, China during August 31- September 2, 2015. Over 100 honored guests presented their brilliant speeches at our congress. More than 400 world-renowned experts, professors, laboratory principals, project leaders and representatives from more than 28 countries and areas attended WCR-2015.

Introduction to Shenyang

Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, is the capital as well as political, economic and cultural center of Liaoning Province. It is also an important industrial base and a famous historical city. Giving birth to the ancient Qing Dynasty, it has one of the country's two best preserved imperial palace complexes. As the fast development of economy and the betterment of social environment, average people’s life is also improved dramatically. Shenyang is also honored to be selected as Model City of China’s Environmental Protection and Forest City of China and so on.

Important Notice

Our conference has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Hosting Organization

Shenyang Municipal People's Government

Operating Organizations

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shenyang Sub-Council

Shenyang Economic and Information Technology Committee

Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau

Foreign Affairs Office of Shenyang Municipal Government

Shenyang Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League of China

Shenyang Hunnan District Municipal People's Government

Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Robot Industry

Executive Organization

BIT Group Global Ltd.

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