BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Digestive Disease 2019 (WCDD-2019)
About WCDD-2019
The Annual World Congress of Digestive Disease (WCDD), initiated from 2015, has been successfully organized in Nanjing, China, Fukuoka, Japan and Rome, Italy in the previous three conferences. We are so proud to announce that BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Digestive Disease (WCDD-2019) will be held on Nov. 9-11, 2019 in the beautiful city of Kunming, China.
WCDD is an international event focusing on the field of digestive disease, and it provides new insight into clinical research and therapeutic intervention. Emphasis will be placed on novel innovations that have a foreseeable impact on human health and disease. Specific areas of interest include Clinical Service, Interventional Therapy, Diagnostics and Therapeutics for GI, Liver, Bile and Pancreatic Diseases, Digestive Health, Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Gastroenterological Biology, Digestive System Cancers, Imaging, and Endoscopy. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Digestive Diseases. Our delegates will enjoy the great opportunity to discuss new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish research relations or business cooperation, and to find global partners for future collaboration.
WCDD has served as a catalyst to advance discovery and disseminate information about scientific advances. Wish you enjoy the conference.
• 300+ Oral Presentations Covering Hot Topics in the Whole Field of Digestive Diseases
• Keynote Addresses by Leading Experts from inside and outside China
• Knowledge Exchange of Global Best Practices in Digestive Diseases
• 2000+ Attendees from around the Globe for Network and Establishing Partnerships
• 50+ Exhibitions Showcasing the Emerging New Products and Technologies 
• Creating a Harmonious Environment for Project Matchmaking and Promotion
• Opportunity to Visit Local Hospital
• Optional Tour to Famous Spots & Historical Sites in China
Exhibition and Poster
WCDD-2019 offers a variety of sponsorship and exhibition packages to showcase your new technologies and products in China. It is developed to offer maximum exposure of the delegates to the exhibitors. Our conference provides your company with an unparalleled marketing opportunity to get before decision-makers. Exhibiting at the right exhibition can be one of the most efficient, effective and successful marketing activities available to you.
Introduction to Kunming
Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan province in southwest China. Known as Yunnan-Fu until the 1920s, today it is a prefecture-level city and the political, economic, communications and cultural center of the province as well as the seat of the provincial government. Kunming is also called the “Spring City” due to its weather. The headquarters of many of Yunnan's large businesses are in Kunming. Kunming consists of an old, previously walled city, a modern commercial district, residential and university areas. Positioned near the border with Southeastern Asian countries, serving as a transportation hub in Southwest China, linking by rail to Vietnam and by road to Burma and Laos. This positioning also makes it an important trade center in this region of the nation.

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