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Introduction to WCAM-2021

WCAM, initiated from 2012, with system conference - World Congress of Smart Materials (WCSM), has been successfully organized in Beijing, Singapore, Xi’an, Osaka, Rome, Busan, Chongqing, Bangkok, Suzhou and Xiamen. More than 6,000 participants have been attracted from over 50 countries and regions in the previous 8 years. Based on the huge success of previous event of WCAM, we are strongly confident WCAM-2021 will be a great success and meet our expectations.


● 300+ Bright Minds Give Talks on the Hot Topics in Advanced Materials
● 100+ Posters and Exhibitors Showcasing the Emerging New Products and Technologies to Audience of over 500+ People
● 4 days of Conference and Networking
● Cutting-edge Keynote Addresses by Prominent Leaders from All over the World
● Disseminate Your Project, Present Your Activities and Meet Partners for Future Collaboration at the WCAM-2021
● Opportunities to Visit Natural and Cultural Landscapes in China


Renowned Speakers of Previous Events

Dr. Shuji Nakamura,

Professor, Materials Department, University of California, USA
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 2014

Dr. Dan Shechtman,

Philip Tobias Professor of Materials Science, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011

Dr. Akira Suzuki,

Emeritus Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010

Dr. Albert Fert,

Scientific director, Université Paris-Sud 11 staff, France
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2007

Dr. George F. Smoot,

Professor, University of California at Berkeley, USA
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2006

Sir. Dr. David Payne,

Professor, University of Southampton, UK; Fellow, the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK;
Academicians, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Dr. Yiyi LI,

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor,
Institute of Metal Research (CAS), China

Dr. Jean Marie Basset,

Distinguished Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia;Member, the French
Academy of Science; Member, the French Academy of Technologies; Member, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Dr. Bill Milne,

Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge;
Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering

Dr. Guanghou Wang,

Academician, The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) ;
Professor, Nanjing University, China

Dr. Marek Kozlowski,

Professor, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Member of Polish Academy of Sciences

Dr. Andrey N Dmitriev,

Academician, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
Academy of Engineering Sciences Russia

Dr. Borys Bondarenko,

Academician, The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
Director, The Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Dr. Jun’ichi Sone,

Ex-Executive Vice President, National Institute for Materials Science; Principal Fellow,
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Japan

Dr. Dochul Choi,

Senior Vice President, Home Appliance R&D,
Samsung Electronics, South Korea

Dr. Kamran Nikbin,

Professor, Imperial College London; Member, Chair in Structural Integrity,
Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

Dr. Guoqiang Yang,

Vice President,
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr, Li Xinchuang,

President, China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute,

Dr. Freddy Boey,

Deputy President and Provost, Nanyang Technological University,

Ms. Jennifer Miller,

Senior Engineering Director, MEDTRONIC,

Hosting Organization

Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA (Dalian Branch)

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