BIT's 7th World Gene Convention - 2016
Highlights of WGC-2016
  • • Cover over 90 Sessions on Hot Fields
  • • Organize up to 300+ Oral Presentations on the Latest Development
  • • Bring together 50+ Scientific Posters on the New Research Achievements
  • • Attract 30+ Exhibitors to Showcase Cutting-edge Products and Technologies
  • • Cooperate with 200+ Innovators, Elites, Key Players, Investors and Decision Makers
Introduction to Shanghai WGC-2016

BIT's 7th Annual World Gene Convention-2016 (WGC-2016), which will be held during November 3-5, 2016 in Shanghai, China, is a dedicated event where you will have the opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of gene, agriculture and food, and share aspects of your own work by submitting a poster or oral presentation. After months' preparation by the organizing committee, we are proposing the excellent and unique scientific program, which will be interested to many researchers, specialists, enterprisers. Entering its 7th year, World Gene Convetion has been grown substantially, and Shanghai WGC-2016 will provide all participants with resources, information and advice they might need to aid their researches, strategic business planning, decision making and future professional developments.

Programmed Sessions at a Glance
Block 1: Main Conference
Part 1: Opening Ceremony Part 2: Keynote Forum
Block 2: Gene Convention Forum
Stream 1: Breakthroughs in DNA and RNA Research Stream 2: Advances of Genomics & Genetics
Stream 3: The Frontier Research of Life Sciences Stream 4: Emerging Areas for Medicine Applications
Stream 5: New Biotherapy Discovery Stream 6: Cutting-edge Biotechnology
Stream 7: Robust Technology Development Stream 8: Biocatalysis, Biotransformation and Bioprocessing
Block 3: Agricultural Biotechnology
Stream 9: The Frontiers of Plant Biology and Biotechnology Stream 10: Pillar Industries in Agriculture
Stream 11: Innovative Technology in Agriculture Stream 12: Crop Production and Management in Agriculture
Stream 13: Agricultural-based Energy, Economics and Sustainable Development
Block 4: Food Science and Technology
Stream 14 : Frontiers in Food Science Stream 15: Food Economy, Policy and Safety
Stream 16: Advanced Food Biotechnology Stream 17: Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods
Stream 18: Specific Food Research Stream 19: Food Detection and Analysis
Block 5: Business Development
Industrial Sponsored Symposia Matchmaking and Biopartnering
Block 6: Posters and Exhibitions
Poster Session-Breaking Research Exhibition of Innovative Technology and Products
Block 7: Social and Cultural Events
Culture Activities-Art Performance and Show City Tour As Requested
Renowned Speakers of WGC-2016
Dr. Ilan Chet,
Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Dr. Eugene Howard

CEO, NanoViricides, Inc, USA
Dr. Richard M 
Professor, Mayo Clinic, USA Dr. Xin-Yuan Liu,
Professor, Chinese
Academy of Sciences,
Shu-Hui Liu Dr. Shu-Hui Liu,
Director, Pfizer, USA
Gabrielle Heilek.jpg Dr. Gabrielle Heilek,
Roche Molecular Systems, USA
Dr. Douglas T Carrell, Professor, University of
 Utah School of 
Medicine, USA
Dr. Daniel Scherman,
Professor, CNRS 
UMR8258 - Inserm 
U1022, France
Dr. Francisco M. Goycoolea,
Professor, Westfaelische
Wilhelms Univeristaet 
Muenster, Germany
Dr. Richard Wang,
Chief Operation
Officer, CBMG, USA
Dr. Alexander Kharazi,
CTO, Stemedica, USA
Dr. Sayandro Versteylen,
Vice President, Paper Pak
Industries, USA
Dr. Andrzej Kloczkowski,
Professor, Nationwide 
Children's Hospital, USA
Dr. Joseph Purita,
Director, IRMO, USA Dr. Weiying Lin,
Dean and Professor,
University of Jinan, China
3782274.jpg Dr. Yun Tang,
Associate Director, Roche - Genentech, USA
Dr. Samir Sukkar,
Professor, Università
di Genova, Italy
Dr. Erdogan Ceylan,
Research Director, Silliker
Food Science Center, USA
Dr. Hui Li,
Professor and Director, University of Virginia, USA
Dr. Yves Durocher,
Research Officer, National 
Research Council Canada, Canada
Dr. Jian-Dong Li,
Professor and Director, Georgia State University, USA Dr. Naoki Sugimoto, Professor and Director, Konan University, Japan Dr. Steven E Wilson,
Professor, Cole Eye 
Institute, The Cleveland
Clinic, USA
Dr. Emily M Leproust,
CEO, TwistBioscience,
Dr. Ben Chih,
Scientist, Genentech Inc., USA
Dr. Hartmut Juhl,
Professor, Indivumed 
GmbH, Germany Dr. Felix Schiele,
Principal Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim  Pahrma GmbH & Co.
KG, Germany
Dr. Songyan Zheng,
Senior Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA
Dr. Liewei Wang,
Professor, Mayo 
Clinic, USA
Dr. Alexandre Fontayne,
Head of Biotherapeutics
Engineering, LFB-Biotechnologies, France
Dr. Yue Yun,
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc, USA
Dr. Joseph Seckbach,
Professor, Retired Hebrew 
University, Israel
Dr. Naotaka Furuichi,
Professor, Niigata
University, Japan
Dr. George Acquaah,
Dean, Bowie State
 University, USA
Dr. Xiaoqiang Yan,
Chief ScientificOfficer,
Generon (Shanghai) 
Corporation, China
Dr. Yingli Sun,
Professor, Beijing
Institute of Genomics,
Chinese Academy of
Sciences, China Dr. Warren C Ladiges, Director, University of Washington, USA Dr. Yuyou Duan,
Professor, UC Davis 
Medical Center, USA
Dr. Katrin Bach,
Professor, Food
Technology & Nutrition
(MSc), Austria
Dr. Richard Green, Professor, University of California, USA Dr. Madeleine Chagnon,
Adjunct Professor,
Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada
Dr. Martin Fluck,
Professor, University
 of Zurich, Switzerland
Comments on WGC-2015

I enjoyed participating in the meeting and was impressed by the quality of the speakers' presentations in our panel.

-----Jian-Dong Li, USA

This conference was wonderful and I am very thankful for this opportunity to present my study.

-----I-Chia Liang, Taiwan

The BIT Conference is becoming better and better. Stan and I had a great time at the Conference in Qingdao. I have met some of the brightest people throughout the world in my four years of attending these Conferences.

-----Richard Green, USA

Thank you for following up the conference experience in China. I loved and enjoyed this trip very much.

-----Xuehua Xu, USA

I will like to say that this conference is one of the most well organized conferences that I have ever attended. Congratulations!!! Everything was perfect and positive. I did enjoy the conference, and my first trip to China has been a memorable one.

-----Samuel Y.C. Essah, USA

I was so happy to visit China for the very first time. I also found the conference much useful for much future collaboration. Many thanks for all the arrangements. I am satisfied with all preparations.

-----Anna-Maria Saarela, Finland

The trip of Qingdao became good memory for me.

-----Katsuo Katayanagi, Japan

The conference was excellent! I appreciate the high standard of facilities, and high standard of speakers.

-----Elisabeth Jacobsen, Norway

It was a good experience, therefore I thank you very much for everything.

-----Antonia R. Figueira, Brazil

It was my first time to the East, and I thoroughly enjoyed China. The venue and was splendid, the people friendly and helpful, the WGC well organised.

-----Francois van Jaarsveld, South Africa

WGC-2015 is a really interesting conference held in such a nice concrete jungle.

-----Francis Cheng-Hsuan Weng, Taiwan

I really enjoyed the conference and I look forward to the next one!

-----Maja Subelj, Slovenia

Exhibition and Poster

WGC-2016 provides an ideal platform to showcase your novel technologies and products in China. It is developed to offer comfort to delegates while maximizing exhibitor exposure, the coffee breaks and poster sessions will all take place in the exhibition area promoting frequent repeated opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibition.


News Release

· Abstract Submission is Open!
· Speaking and Program Proposal are Welcomed Now!
· Website of WGC-2016 Released!

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