BIT's 6th World Gene Convention - 2015
★ Optional Tour
Ref. Date Tour Price Detail
HN1 Nov 14th/15th/16th 1 Day Tour of Qingdao $135 Attractions: Zhan Bridge, Wusi Square, Olympic Sailing Base, Qingdao Beer Museum, Guest House (Qingdao Ying Bin Guan)
(The tour includes admission, English Speaking tour guide and bus)
HN2 Nov 16th-Nov 17th 2 Days Tour of Xi’an $1199 Attractions: Terra-Cotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Drum Tower and Bell Tower Square
(The tour includes admission, English Speaking tour guide, bus, meals, 2 days 4-star-hotel and one way ticket to Xi’an)
HN3 Nov 16th-Nov 17th 2 Days Tour of Beijing $1199 Attractions: The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and Nanluoguxiang
(The tour includes admission, English Speaking tour guide, bus, meals, 2 days 4-star-hotel and one way ticket to Beijing)


Qingdao Attractions:

The Pier (Zhan Qiao) Known as the symbol of Qingdao, the Zhan Qiao Pier lies in the south of Qingdao at Qingdao Bay. It was first built in 1892 and rebuilt in 1931. The Pier, 440 m long and 8 m wide, stretches into the sea and was the first wharf in Qingdao. The southern end of it stands a Huilan Tower (Billow-Returning). The Feige Huilan (Billow-Returning at a high tower) is regarded as one of the top ten scenic spots in Qinddao. Little Green Island is neighboring the Pier and the white lighthouse towers over the ocean
 A beautiful scenery of the Sailing Center at night
Qingdao Beer Museum, also called Tsingtao Brewery Museum, is the unique beer museum build by Tsingtao Beer Brewery. Built in 1903, Qingdao Beer Museum is China’s first beer museum. Visitors can learn about Tsingtao Brewery’s more than100-year-old, beer-brewing process, taste the fresh beer, enjoy the passion Tsingtao beer bring to them


Xi’an Attractions:

Terracotta Warriors and Horses: the Terracotta Army is one of the top attractions in China, because of its historical significance and uniqueness. It is significant because the hundreds of detailed life-size models represent the army that triumphed over all other Chinese armies and who were the decisive factor in forming a united China.
Ancient City Wall: When Zhu Yuanzhang captured Huizhou, long before the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, he was admonished by a hermit named Zhu Sheng, who told him to "build high walls, store abundant provisions and take your time in proclaiming yourself emperor." This advice Zhu Yuanzhang heeded. Once the whole country was unified, he sent orders to the local governments to build city walls on a large scale.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda: The storeyed pagoda is an architectural marvel. It was built with layers of bricks without any cement. The seams between each layer of bricks and the “prisms’ on each side of the pagoda are clearly visible. The grand body of the pagoda with its solemn appearance, simple style and high structure, is indeed a good example of Chinese traditional architecture. Although it has been attacked by centuries of weather, war and seismic activity, which destroyed most of the original material of the structure, a pagoda by this name and style still exists on the site.
Shaanxi History Museum: it is located in the northwest side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, build in 1983, 20 June 1991 completion and opening up, China's first large-scale modernization of the national museum, which marks the completion of China, has entered a new museum career development mileage. This premises is "the central hall, Siyu Chonglou" Tang style buildings, primary and secondary orderly, level of patchwork, forceful and solemn, into national traditions, local characteristics and the spirit of the times in one. Up to more than 370,000 pieces of cultural relics collection, the simple stone tools from the ancient humans used the initial stages, down to 1840 objects of various types of social life, the time span of up to more than one hundred years.
Drum Tower and Bell Tower Square: it is located at the intersection of four streets west, south, east of the square stands the bell tower has six hundred years of history, the west tower is currently the country's largest tower exists. It was built in the late 1990s at the beginning of the construction will be built between the two buildings in the clutter removal, so that the former is difficult to meet the Bell and Drum Tower "meet delighted,". Environmental art design along the "Bells" theme extends to the ancient and modern two-way, to learn traditional Chinese experience in the space group scene spatial processing, and theory of modern urban outer space combine to provide an ancient city of Xi'an "urban living room."


Beijing Attractions:

The Great Wall: One study of the Great Wall of scholars with a sentence or two to summarize Wall: down two thousand years, more than 100,000 in the sense that, from the beginning to the final stop of the Great Wall Great Wall went through two thousand years of time, this two thousand years in the repair of the Great Wall all together, the length of more than one hundred thousand years. Two thousand years, at the foot of the Great Wall of staged scenes of magnificent historical drama. In the meantime, both life and death fight ethnic wars; there are brothers and harmony peace. However, whether it is war or peace, the Great Wall is always a link to the people living in it together on both sides. China has an old saying called surmount or the public mind into the city. Today, when we look back on the Great Wall when it is not the same can be said: Chung Chi City Wall, the Chinese nation!
Summer Palace: The ancient imperial garden in Beijing, formerly known as the Qing Yi Park, located in the western suburbs of Beijing, fifteen kilometers from the city, covering an area of about two hundred and ninety hectares, Yuanmingyuan adjacent. It is based on the Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, West Lake in Hangzhou modeled learn Jiangnan garden design techniques and built a large landscape garden, but also to preserve the integrity of a royal palace, known as the "Royal Garden Museum" is the national key attractions.
Temple of Heaven: it is a World Heritage Site, national 5A-class tourist attractions, national key cultural relic’s protection units. 3 km from the city center, is located in the southeast of Beijing Qianmen, the Ming and Qing dynasties emperor Heaven, pray for rain and harvest dedicated altar, is the world's largest existing ancient Heaven most perfect buildings. It was officially opened as a park in 1918.
Forbidden City: it is China's Ming and Qing dynasties 24 Emperor's Palace. Zhu Di, the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty after usurping the throne, decided to move the capital Beijing, the Forbidden City began to build the palace, to the Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420) completed. According to ancient Chinese astrology, Ziwei Yuan Tian is located, is the residence of Heaven, Heaven correspond to the emperor's residence is also known as the Forbidden City.
Nanluoguxiang: it is China's only intact, the richest streets of old Beijing style. With various shapes surrounding alley mansion, houses colorful, thick and deep, Nanluoguxiang and the surrounding area was the center of the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties is even more of a place that rich land, streets crowded lane street where dignitaries, Palace Heights numerous, until after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty Nanluoguxiang downtown also followed slowly ending.


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