BIT's 1st World Congress of Urology - 2015
Welcome to the Annual World Congress of Urology-2015

On behalf of the organizing commission, we welcome you to attend the 1st Annual World Congress of Urology-2015(WCU-2015), which will be held from August 1-3, 2015, in Beijing, China. WCU-2015 aims to be a major international congress for global urologist and research leaders from medical Universities, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, and the clinical sector to present the latest basic research and clinical results, ideas and developments.

Programmed Chapters at a Glance
Pipeline 1: Main Conference
Part 1: Opening CeremonyTopic 1: Clinical Urologic Hospital Management
Part 2: Keynote Forum of Urologic DiseasesTopic 2: Urological Public Health, Policy, and Economic Impact
Part 3: Panel Discussion Topic 3: Urological Risk Factors, Epidemiology, Nutrition, Prevention and Market Trend
Pipeline 2: Best Practice of Urological Medicine
Forum 2-1: Urological Disease Diagnosis Forum 2-6: Urological Trauma Reconstruction
Forum 2-2: Evidence-Based Urological Medicine Forum 2-7: Urolithiasis, Endourology and Stone Diseases
Forum 2-3: Urological Cancer Management Forum 2-8: Laparoscopic and Robot-assisted Surgery and Ureteroscopy
Forum 2-4: Infection & Inflammation Forum 2-9: Imaging and Radiology
Forum 2-5: Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction Forum 2-10: Urologic Surgery & Transplantation
Forum 2-11: Urologic Emergency and Nursing
Pipeline 3: Basic Sciences and Breaking Urologic Research
Forum 3-1: Molecular Advances of Urological ResearchForum 3-2: Urologic Oncology
Forum 3-3: NeurourologyForum 3-4: Female Urology and Urogynecology
Forum 3-5: Male Urology and AndrologyForum 3-6: Clinical Pediatric Urology
Forum 3-7: Clinical Geriatric UrologyForum 3-8: Tissue Engineering and Reconstructive Urology
Forum 3-9: Nephrology and Kidney Diseases 
Pipeline 4: Industrial Symposia
Forum 4-1: New Urological TechnologiesForum 4-2: Urological Drug Discovery
Forum 4-3: Urological Medical DevicesForum 4-4: Urological Medical Materials
Pipeline 5: Young Scientists' Forum
Pipeline 6: Business, Market Trend, and Career Development
• Industrial Sponsored Symposia• SME’s CEO Forum on Entrepreneurship
• Investor’s Forum• Project Road Show
• Matchmaking and Biopartnering• Round Table Discussion
• 1-to-1 Networking• Lunch Showcase
Pipeline 7: Social Events
• Culture Activities-Art Performance and Show• Cocktail Social Networking
• City Tour As Requested• Field Trip to Universities/Industries, and Networking Tour
Plenary Keynote Speakers and Partial Renowned Speakers
Dr. Yuanyuan Zhang, Professor, Wake Forest University, Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), USA
Dr. Youhe Gao, Professor, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China
Dr. J. Edson Pontes, Vice President, International Medicine, Detroit Medical Center; Professor, Wayne State University, USA
Dr. Jorn H. Witt, Medical Director, St. Antonius-Hospital, Germany

Dr. Zhang is Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University, Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM). He is the Director of Tissue Therapy of Tissue Engineering and Clinic Translation Program. His Group demonstrated the Urine Derived Stem Cells(USCs) ’s existence in urine for the first time. Dr. Zhang's research interests include mesenchymal stem cells, biological scaffolds, cell therapy and tissue engineering for urology and andrology applications, enhanced 3D cell culture for drug development for nearly 21 years. Dr. Zhang is member of American Urological Association, Tissue Engineering Society International, International Society of Nephrology, active member of Society for Basic Urological Research (SBUR). Also Dr. Zhang is international editor of National Journal of Andrology, Guest editor of Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology, Associate editor of American Journal of Stem Cells, Editor Board of Genes and Diseases, Review editor of Frontiers in Stem cell Treatments, the Grant reviewer for NIH Study Sections. He received“Top 10” of Basic Research at AUA in the year 2007、2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Dr. Zhang received his M.S. and M.D. at Jiangxi Medical College in China. He completed his residency in urology and renal transplantation at the same medical institution, and then acted as a certified urologist in China. Following this, he completed a two-year research fellowship awarded by the international society of nephrology and trained in the Department of Urology/Nephrology at Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand. He earned the Doctorat EN Medecine (Ph.D. equivalent in the US) at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland in 2001.

Dr. Gao is Professor of Beijing Normal University. He received his MD from Peking Union Medical College, his Ph.D from University of Connecticut and postdoctoral training from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Harvard Medical School. He was the Professor of Department of Pathophysiology, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/ Peking Union Medical College from 2001-2014. His research interests include biomarker discovery in urine proteome, protein interaction and related bioinformatics. Dr. Gao Applied proteomic technology into urine proteome earlier in the international. He is the first to establish the research method of human urine proteome and human urine proteome database. He resolved high abundance suppression of albumin, indicated to remove the proteins by enrichment method of post-translational modification. For his contribution in urine proteome, he was invited to edit the book《Renal and Urinary Proteomics:Methods and Protocols》.

Dr. J. Edson Pontes is Professor of Surgery, section of Pelvic Surgery in Wayne State University. And he is Vice President of International Medicine at Detroit Medical Center. He is a thought leader in urologic oncology and one of the pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. He is the former Chairman of the Urology Department at Wayne State University. Prior to arriving at Wayne State, Dr. Pontes served as director of urologic oncology at both the Cleveland Clinic and Roswell Park Cancer Centers. Dr. Pontes is member of Michigan Branch Urological Association, North Central Section of American Urological Association, American Urological Association, American College of Surgeons, Southwest Oncology Group, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Society of Surgical Oncology, American Association for Advancement of Science, Society of University Urology, Founding Member of Society of Urological Oncology and Associate Editor of The Prostate. He has published more than 300 articles, book chapters, comments and abstracts.

Dr. Jorn H. Witt is Head of department of urology and pediatric urology at St. Antonius-Hospital. He acts as the Assistant medical director at the Department of Urology, Staedtische Kliniken Neuss-Lukaskrankenhaus GmbH. from 1994.9 to 2002.3. Since April 2002, he joined St. Antonius-Hospital.
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Scenery of Beijing

Beijing is the capital of PRC, which is the center of National politics, culture, transport, tourism and international exchanges. The modern Beijing has experienced about ten generation of operation, which had numerous illustrious Emperor City's sight and rich handsome cultural background, the world's largest imperial Palace and our Chinese largest temple of heaven, which is rarely seen in the Summer Palace of Royal garden, Great Wall, one of the world's eight major miracle, the largest tomb group -thirteen mausoleum and Homo erectus of Zhoukou store site had been listed by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. To Beijing, what you see and feel is not only the ancient empire's majestic solemnity, heavy life, but also the modern city's trendy downtown, high-speed convenient. And the strong modern breath is blowing on your face when set foot in Beijing, it is a thriving multi-cultural city and a venue not to be missed. We hope that you enjoy the meeting enough to join us in 2015.

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