BIT's 3rd World Congress of Smart Materials - 2017
★ Scientific Programme - Smart Materials
BIT’s 3rd Annual World Conference Congress of

Smart Materials-2017

Theme: Step towards a Ubiquitous Smart Future

Time: March 16-18, 2017
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Part 1: Opening Ceremony      
Part 2: Smart Material Summit


Module 1: Frontiers in Smart Materials Science & Technology
Theme 101: Sensing and Information Processing
Theme 102: Actuators and Motors
Theme 103: Breaking Research of Smart Materials Science and Technologies    
Theme 104: Next Generation MEMS, NEMS and Array Technologies
Theme 105: 3D Printing Technologies
Theme 106: Smart Material Design, Modeling, Synthesis and Processing

Theme 107: Smart Control Technologies


Module 2: Smart Nanomaterials
Theme 201: Nanotube and Nanowire  
Theme 202: Nanoparticles and Nanopowders
Theme 203: Smart Nano Crystalline Materials
Theme 204: Nano Thin Films
Theme 205: Smart Quantum Dots      
Theme 206: Microtech and Nanotechnology
Theme 207: Nanocomposite and Bionanocomposite      
Theme 208: Nanomedicine
Theme 209: Nanodevices and NanoSystems    
Theme 210: Nanocatalysis
Theme 211: Nano-Spintronics     

Theme 212: Development of MAX phases, MXenes and other related 2D material

Module 3: Smart Biomaterials
Theme 301: Tissue Engineering Biomaterials    
Theme 302: Medical Ceramic, Plastics and Polymers
Theme 303: Medical Imaging Materials      
Theme 304: Materials for Disease Diagnosis
Theme 305: Biomimetic Materials      
Theme 306: Materials for Pharmacy and Drug Delivery
Theme 307: Materials for Medical Devices
Theme 308: Bioconjugates


Module 4: Smart Optical, Electronic Materials
Theme 401: Dielectric Materials  
Theme 402: Electronic components
Theme 403: Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials
Theme 404: Magnetic Materials
Theme 405: Semiconductors and Superconductors 
Theme 406: Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials
Theme 407: Insulating material    
Theme 408: Smart Optical Materials
Theme 409: Laser Materials 
Theme 410: Printed Electronics
Theme 411: Photonic Crystals    
Theme 412: Claytronics
Theme 413: Magnetostrictive Materials     
Theme 414: Electrostrictive Materials
Theme 415: Thermoelectric Materials 
Theme 416: Nanoelectronics and Molecular Electronics

Theme 417: Nano-Optics, Nano-Photonics and Nano-Optoelectronics


Module 5: Smart Fluid, Hydrogels and Phase Change Materials
Theme 501: Smart Magnetorheological and Electro-magnetorheological Fluid     
Theme 502: Smart Polymer Hydrogels
Theme 503: Smart Low Molecule Organogel     

Theme 504: Smart Phase Change Materials


Module 6: Smart composite materials
Theme 601: Smart Metals   
Theme 602: Carbon, Graphite, Fullerenes, CNTs and 2D Materials
Theme 603: Smart Glass and Ceramics     
Theme 604: Smart Polymers
Theme 605: Smart Rubber, Elastomers and Fiber Materials    
Theme 606: Smart Coating, Painting and Adhesives
Theme 607: Shape-Memory Materials and Composites

Theme 608: Smart Catalytic Materials


Module 7: Other Smart Materials
Theme 701: Smart Optical Fiber 
Theme 702: Smart Self-healing and Self-cleaning Materials
Theme 703: Polymorph Materials
Theme 704: Liquid Crystal Polymers

Theme 705: Smart Chromogenic Materials


Module 8: Characteristic Analysis of Smart Materials
Theme 801: Materials and Surface Science      
Theme 802: Tribomechanics of Materials
Theme 803: Mechanical and Physical Behavior of Materials   
Theme 804: Analytical Technologies and Method of Smart Materials
Theme 805: Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Smart Materials
Theme 806: Optical Properties of Smart Materials
Theme 807: Thermal Properties of Smart Materials
Theme 808: SPM Technologies & Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Theme 809: Structural Health Monitoring


Module 9: Applications of Smart Materials

Theme 9-1: Smart Materials for Energy and Environment
Theme 9011: Smart Materials for Energy Harvesting/Conversion/Production/Transistors    
Theme 9012: Smart Materials for Energy Storage and Saving
Theme 9013: Materials for Solar Energy and Solar Microgrids
Theme 9014: Smart Materials and Devices for Bioenergy
Theme 9015: Smart Materials for Environment
Theme 9016: Smart Materials for Smart Grid
Theme 9017: Smart Materials for Carbon Capture, Transportation and Storage   


Theme 9-2: Smart Materials for IT & ICT
Theme 9021: Smart Display and Imaging Technology
Theme 9022: Smart Light-Responsive Materials for IT and ICT
Theme 9023: Smart Materials for Integrated Circuit Technology
Theme 9024: Smart Materials in Transmission Systems & Wireless Communication
Theme 9025: Smart Materials in Mobile Devices and Cellular Phones


Theme 9-3: Other Applications of Smart Materials
Theme 9031: Smart Materials for Automation and Robotics   
Theme 9032: Smart Materials for Textile and Chemical Industry
Theme 9033: Smart Materials in Construction and Infrastructure    
Theme 9034: Smart Materials for Mechanical, Welding and Metallurgical Industry
Theme 9035: Smart Packaging- Smart Tags, Codes and Sensors  
Theme 9036: Smart Materials for Automotive, Military, Defense and Aerospace

Theme 9037: Smart Materials for Smart Home



Module 10: Young Investigator Forum

News Updates

Thailand is now in a 1-year official period of mourning for beloved King Bhumibol Adulyade. Tourists are expected to refrain from conducting any inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour in public areas. If possible, please wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public.

Committee of WCSM-2017
Oct 18, 2017

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