BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of Ocean-2017 (WCO-2017)
★ Who Should Attend

This conference is intended for Ocean researchers and those working within the broader research community. All delegates from academia, industry and government, with an interest in different areas such as ocean economy and policy, maritime law, integrated marine management and environment, integrated coastal zone management and oceanography, who wish to hear the newest advances and contribute efforts to this field. The World Ocean Congress perennially plays host to delegates:


Professional Delegates - Individuals who are or have been engaged, or directed research, in a branch of ocean science or in aquatic science education and who either possess appropriate academic qualifications or because of knowledge and experience occupy positions in this field.


Corporate Delegates - Organizations, agencies or institutions that have objects, powers or functions relevant to ocean science and that are interested in, and wish to support in a demonstrable way


Business/Industrial Delegates–Business elite and Industrial Leadersfrom all kinds of companies which relevant to ocean technology, product, engineering equipment, etc.


Students Delegates - Individuals who are studying aquatic science related subjects at a tertiary level education and are enrolled at an education institution in part-time or full-time student status.

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