BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of Ocean-2017 (WCO-2017)
★ Program Layout

BIT's 6th Annual World Congress of


Theme: Our Ocean, Our Future

Nov. 3-5, 2017 | Shenzhen, China


Program Layout
Main Conference
Stream 1: Ocean Economy & Law
Stream 2: Ocean Energy
Stream 3: Coastal Engineering
Stream 4: Offshore Engineering
Stream 5: Green Port and Shipping
Stream 6: Marine Management and Environment Protection
Stream 7: Oceanography
Marine Biotechnology Symposium


Main Conference
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Plenary Lecture
Part 3: High-end Dialogue
Part 4: Project Matchmaking


Stream 1: Ocean Economy & Law
Session 101: Blue Economy & Sustainable Development      
Session 102: Ocean Space Utilization
Session 103: Coastal and Maritime Tourism
Session 104: Maritime & Transport Law
Session 105: Maritime Arbitration
Session 106: Marine Insurance
Session 107: Ocean Finance and Investment
Session 108: Maritime Risk Management & Security


Stream 2: Ocean Energy
Session 201: Offshore Wind Energy
Session 202: Wave Energy
Session 203: Tidal Energy
Session 204: Ocean Energy and Environment


Stream 3: Coastal Engineering
Session 301: Coastal Development
Session 302: Coastal & Estuarine Structures
Session 303: Coastal Scour, Erosion and Sediment Transport      
Session 304: Wave Mechanics and Wave Effects
Session 305: Fluid-Structure, Multi-body and Wave-body Interaction
Session 306: Numerical Modeling and Modeling Test
Session 307: Seawater Desalination and Utilization Technology


Stream 4: Offshore Engineering
Session 401: Offshore Platform       
Session 402: Mooring Foundation
Session 403: Pipelines, Risers and Subsea Systems
Session 404: Offshore Geotechnics
Session 405: Structures, Safety and Reliability
Session 406: Modeling and Structure Analysis of Offshore Structures
Session 407: Advanced Underwater Vehicles and Design Tech
Session 408: Materials Technology
Session 409: Minerals, Oil and Gas Hydrates
Session 410: Marine Corrosion and Fouling


Stream 5: Green Port and Shipping
Session 501: Port Safety and Operation
Session 502: Modern Logistics & Supply Chain
Session 503: Shipping Sustainability
Session 504: Navigation Technologies and Innovations
Session 505: Ship Design (Hydrodynamic, Stability, Powering)
Session 506: LNG/LPG Ship
Session 507: Ballast Water Management
Session 508: Ship Recycling and Repair
Session 509: Port Planning, Design and Dredging


Stream 6: Marine Management and Environment Protection
Session 601: Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors
Session 602: Ocean Color
Session 603: Ocean Observing Systems
Session 604: GIS and Satellites Remote Sensing
Session 605: Ocean Acidification      
Session 606: Climate & Sea Level Change
Session 607: Marine Pollution and Debris 
Session 608: Natural Disaster & Emergency Response
Session 609: Marine Protected Areas
Session 610: Algal Blooms & Toxins


Stream 7: Oceanography
Session 701: Ocean Acoustics
Session 702: Biogeochemistry and Nutrients
Session 703: Physical Oceanography/Ocean Circulation 
Session 704: Air-Sea Interaction
Session 705: Maritime Education      


Marine Biotechnology Symposium
Symposium 1: Frontier of Marine Biotechnology Research

Symposium 2: Marine Natural Products and Drugs

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