BIT's 5th Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology-2015
★ Program Layout

BIT 5th Annual World Congress of

Marine Biotechnology
Theme: Blue Biotechnology-Securing Our Future
Time: November 6-8, 2015
Venue: Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach, China



Forum 1: Marine Natural Products and Bioproducts
Session 1-1: Marine Enzymes and Polysaccharides
Session 1-2: Chemistry Approach to Marine Products
Session 1-3: Marine Natural Products & Pharmaceuticals
Session 1-4: Marine Natural Products and Nutraceuticals
Session 1-5: Marine Bioactive Compounds

Forum 2: Marine Microbiology
Session 2-1: Marine Microbial Biology and Ecology
Session 2-2: Microbial Oceanography
Session 2-3: Marine Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics
Session 2-4: Marine Microbes in Biogeochemical Cycles
Session 2-5: Emerging Technologies for Microbial Biogeochemistry and Ecophysiology
Session 2-6: New Culture Techniques for Marine Microbes
Session 2-7: Marine Microbes in Deep sea and Polar Oceans
Session 2-8: Marine Microbes in Aquaculture
Session 2-9: Marine Microbes in Biotechnology
Session 2-10: Marine Microbes in Innovative Drug R&D

Forum 3: Marine Environment and Resources
Session 3-1: Marine Omics: Basic Research and Breakthroughs
Session 3-2: Marine Environmental Biotechnology
Session 3-3: Marine Organisms and Ecosystem
Session 3-4: Marine Biogeochemistry


Forum 4: Recent Advances in Algal Biology 
Session 4-1: Algal Biology-Evolution and Ecology
Session 4-2: Algal Biology-Metabolic Regulation
Session 4-3: Algal Biology-Molecular Traits  
Session 4-4: Climate & Environmental Change and Algae 
Session 4-5: Harmful Algal Blooms, Algal Toxins and Cyanotoxins

Forum 5: Algae Engineering & Analysis 
Session 5-1: Algae Production Systems
Session 5-2: Algae Cultivation
Session 5-3: Algae Wastewater Recycling and Treatment
Session 5-4: Algae Processing: Harvesting, Drying, Extraction

Forum 6: Algae Biotechnology
Session 6-1: Algal Products 
Session 6-2: Algal Biofuels & Bioenergy  
Session 6-3: Algal Biorefinery
Session 6-4: Algae Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Human Nutrition
Session 6-5: Algae Applications in Agriculture

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