BIT's 7th Annual World Congress of Infectious Diseases (WCID-2018)
★ Submission Guidelines

1. The organizing committee of WCID-2018 invites all abstracts within the scope of the meeting. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by experts and scheduled for either poster or oral presentation during the congress. Irrelevant or poor quality abstracts may be rejected.

2. Abstracts may only be submitted online through the congress website. It is advisable to prepare the complete text of your abstract as well as any figures or tables before accessing the online submission form.

3. Abstracts should be written in clear English, taking in to account the specifications below:




Maximum word count of abstract title is 20 words.




Maximum word count of the abstract text is 300 words (adjust in case of tables/figures)




The abstract topic should be selected during the online submission process from the list of predefined topics in order to facilitate abstract review and scheduling.




A minimum of three specific keywords should be added during online submission for indexing of the abstract. Specific keywords include: name(s) of drug(s) investigated, molecular target molecule(s), disease(s) studied, biochemical or biological function(s) studied. Avoid the use of vague keywords such as: angiogenesis, cell death, cancer, tumor, drug development, drug therapy. The organizing committee of WCID-2018 reserves the right to delete, edit or add keywords in order to achieve uniformity throughout abstract publications.




Use International Nonproprietary Names (INN) or research codes to identify drugs throughout the abstract. Proprietary names may be used in the abstract text, not the title. The first time the drug is mentioned in the text us the INN and put the proprietary name between brackets.




The identity of a new, previously unpublished, drug substance needs to be disclosed in the abstract either by providing its structural formula or full chemical name.

4. Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted. No editing of abstract texts will be done. However, failure to comply with the above guidelines may be corrected (e.g. use of drug names, keywords) by the meeting organizers.

5. After submission abstracts can no longer be changed by the authors. Should minor changes be necessary after submission, the author should notify Ms. Alex Li by email at, describing exactly the nature of the change to be made. The WCID-2018 organizers will then implement the change. If major changes are required the author should submit a revised abstract as an entirely new abstract and send a request to to delete the original abstract. The addition of a co-author constitutes a major change.

6. After completion of the abstract review, the submitting author will receive scheduling information via email. Abstracts cannot be withdrawn after receipt of the scheduling information by the submitting author. The presenting author must be registered as a participant of WCID-2018for final scheduling and publication of the abstract.

7. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings. The authors of the submitted abstracts are responsible for any Intellectual Property issues concerning the abstracts on their own. The organizing committee of WCID-2018 reserves the right to use submitted abstracts for conference purposes.

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