BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of Food and Nutrition-2019 (WCFN-2019)

•    Organize up to 200+ Oral Presentations on the Latest Food and Nutrition Development
•    300+ Attendees Coming from All over the World to Exchange Ideas, Build New Networks and Foster Friendships
•    To Accelerate Progress in the Development of Food and Nutrition Research
•    50+ Posters Demonstrating
•    Colorful Networking Activities to Foster Friendships and Promote Collaborations
•    Tech Tour to Famous Science Spots & Cultural Landscapes in Qingdao

Preliminary Program at a Glance

Forum 1: Food Economy, Policy and Law
Forum 2: Basic Research of Food Science
Forum 3: Food Technology
Forum 4: Human Nutrition through Life Course
Forum 5: Functional Food
Forum 6: Nutrition and Disease Management

Past Renowned Speakers
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Motowo_Nakajima.jpg Dr. Motowo Nakajima, CSO, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, SBI Pharmaceuticals, Japan 说明: Dr. Lystra Antoine, Chief Executive Officer, The Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP), USA 说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0.jpg Dr. MajlindaLahaniatis, Senior Leader, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\350x350.1509504408703.jpg Dr. Gary Hartman, Professor of Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA 说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0 (1).jpg Dr. Rong Murphy, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Food Safety, Maple Leaf Farms, USA 说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\下载 (1).jpg Dr. Robert Sechrist, Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Youngsoo JUN, 
Professor, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
说明: Dr. Catherine B. Frederico,
President, Frederico Arts LLC, USA
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\citations.jpg Dr. David W. Everett, 
President, New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology, New Zealand
说明: Dr. Dmitry Edelev, 
Professor & President, Moscow National University of Food Production, Russia
说明: Dr. MannavaSivakumar, 
Editor-in-Chief, Weather and Climate Extrames (Elsevier),USA
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Peter Guilfoyle.jpg Dr. Peter Guilfoyle, 
Vice President, Northwest Analytics, Inc., USA
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\feiq\RichOle\3096280181.bmp Ms. Audrey Guéniche,
Project Director, Loreal Research & Innovation, France
说明: Mr. Knuth Lorenzen, 
President, EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), Germany
说明: Dr. Naeem Mady,
VP Regulatory Services, Intertek, USA
说明: Dr. Dirk Cremer, 
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., Switzerland
说明: Dr. Peter Wight, 
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Marks & Spencer, UK
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\feiq\RichOle\265080910.bmp Dr. Adam Hyland,
Principal, Franke Hyland, Australia
说明: Dr. Ian Martins,
Principal Research Fellow, Edith Cowan University, Australia
说明: Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu, 
Professor, Texas Tech University, USA
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\peo24.png Dr. Roger Gilpin
Professor, Wright State University, USA
说明: Dr. Sally Greenberg, 
Executive Director, National Consumers League, USA
说明: Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer, 
Senior Vice-President for Nutrition, DSM Nutritional Products AG, Switzerland
说明: Dr. Peter Decock, 
Manager, Cargill Health & Nutrition, USA
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\下载.jpg Dr. Jarosław Rożnowski, 
Managing Director, NZOZ TwójLekarz, Poland
说明: Dr. Charles L. Wilson,
President & CEO, Wilson Associates International LLC, USA
说明: Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, Co-Director, Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine, USA
Exhibition and Poster

WCFN-2019 provides an ideal platform to showcase your novel technologies and products in China. It is developed to offer comfort to delegates while maximizing exhibitor exposure, the coffee breaks and poster sessions will all take place in the exhibition area promoting frequent repeated opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibits.
Why Reserve a Booth at WCFN-2019
• To Meet Face-to-Face with the International Movers and Shakers
• To Meet with Key Decision Marker
• To Explore Business Opportunities
• To Spotlight Advanced Technologies and Their Scientific and Commercial Applications
• To Take Advantage of the Conference's Captive Audience and Networking Opportunities within the Exhibition Hall


Exhibition Date:
Set-up date: September 19, 2019
Show dates: September 20-22, 2019 09:00-18:00
Place: Qingdao, China

Scenery of Qingdao

Qingdao, located in the southeast part of Shandong Province, is a beautiful seaside city with clear air and enchanting sea view. This city, bordered by the Yellow Sea on two sides, has the largest bathing beach in Asia and produces the mellow Tsingtao Beer. To the east of the city, a short distance across the Yellow Sea, lie Korea and Japan, making the city an important port for international trade. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the city attracts many visitors with its charming seascape. Sights like the Eight Passes Villas, Wusi Square, the Zhan Bridge, Mt. Laoshan, No.1 Bathing Beach, Badaguan Scenic Area will help you remember the city. Other major attractions like Xinhao (Signal) Hill Park, Catholic Church (St. Emil Church), Golden Sand Beach, Small Qingdao Island, Lu Xun Park, and Underwater World are also worth a visit. Just walking on the sand and listening to the surf breaking on the beach becomes enjoyable.

Shandong is a coastal province of the People's Republic of China, and is part of the East China region. Shandong has played a major role in Chinese history from the beginning of Chinese civilization along the lower reaches of the Yellow River and served as a pivotal cultural and religious site for Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, and Confucianism. Shandong's Mount Tai is the most revered mountain of Taoism and one of the world's sites with the longest history of continuous religious worship. The Buddhist temples in the mountains to the south of the provincial capital of Jinan were once among the foremost Buddhist sites in China. The city of Qufu is the birthplace of Confucius, and was later established as the center of Confucianism.

News updates
● The scientific program is releasing soon
● Call for speakers, exhibitors and sponsors worldwide.
● Call for media partners and advertiser worldwide.
● Call for paper
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