BIT’s 5th Annual World Congress of Food and Nutrition-2016
★ Program Layout
BIT’s 5th Annual World Congress of
Food and Nutrition-2016
Time: November 18-20, 2016
Place: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Program Layout


Sector 1: Opening Ceremony


Sector 2: Food Science and Technology


Theme 1: Basic Research of Food Science and Engineering
Sym 101: Food Chemistry and Physics
Sym 102: New Food Additives and Food Raw Material
Sym 103: Food Microbiology, Fermentation Engineering, Brewing Technology
Sym 104: Food Processing Technology
Sym 105: Food Packaging Materials, Preservation and Storage
Sym 106: Food Machinery & Equipment


Theme 2: Food Analysis, Detection and Safety
Sym 201: Microorganisms, Toxins and Pathogens Detection
Sym 202: Agriculture Veterinary Drug Residue and Heavy Metal Detection
Sym 203: Advanced Food Analysis Technology
Sym 204: Food Hygiene, Quality and Safety Control
Sym 205: Trans Fatty Acids, Junk Food and Harmful Ingredients in Food


Theme 3: Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Sym 301: Nutraceuticals, Vitamin & Supplements
Sym 302: Phytochemicals and Natural Antioxidants
Sym 303: Functional Drinks
Sym 304: Medicated Diet, Dietary Therapy, Sugar-free Foods
Sym 305: Beauty and Slimming Products
Sym 306: Research and Development of Functional Food Products and Bioactive Compounds


Theme 4: Special Food Research
Sym 401: Infant Food, Dairy Products, Probiotics
Sym 402: Snack Food and Sweet Food
Sym 403: Convenience Food and Frozen Food
Sym 404: Organic Food and Green Food
Sym 405: Molecular Gastronomy and Artificial Food
Sym 406: New Generation of Cereal Food


Theme 5: Food Economy, Policy and Culture
Sym 501: Focus on Food Customer Behavior, Food Economy Analysis
Sym 502: Food Policy, Standard and Regulation
Sym 503: Regional Food Cultures Practices and Nutrition Education


Sector 3: Nutrition & Health

Theme 6: Advances Nutrition Research
Sym 601: Macronutrients, 
Sym 602: Micronutrients
Sym 603: Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
Sym 604: Metabolic Diversity
Sym 605: Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition
Sym 606: Dietary Patterns and Dietary Guidelines
Sym 607: Recent Advances in Vegetarian Nutrition
Sym 608: Public Health Nutrition and Environment
Sym 609: Plant and Livestock Nutrition


Theme 7: Human Nutrition through Life Course
Sym 701: Nutrition in Pregnancy, Lactation and Menopause
Sym 702: Infant Nutrition, Complementary Feeding
Sym 703: Nutrition in the Elderly
Sym 704: Puberty and Sport Nutrition


Theme 8: Nutrition and Management of Disease
Sym 801: Food Allergies and Eating Disorders
Sym 802: Obesity, Diabetes and Nutrition
Sym 803: Cancer and Nutrition
Sym 804: Cardiovascular Disease and Nutrition
Sym 805: Malnutrition and Overnutrition
Sym 806: Clinical Nutrition Therapy & Nutrition Application in Disease Management


Sector 4: Agriculture Science and Biotechnology
Theme 9: The Frontiers of Plant Biology and Biotechnology  
Sym 901: Plant Biochemistry and Physiology  
Sym 902: Plant Pathology and Microbiology 
Sym 903: Genomics and Genetics of Plant
Sym 904: Plant Improvement and Breeding Research
Sym 905: Pillar Industries in Agriculture


Theme 10: Innovative Technology in Agriculture
Sym 1001: Feed and Feeding Technology 
Sym 1002: Animal Reproduction, Breeding and Genetics Research
Sym 1003: Horticultural Science and Technology
Sym 1004: Agricultural Storage Technology and Crop Detection Science
Sym 1005: Crops Planting Technology, Production and Management 
Sym 1006: Tillage & Cultivation, Irrigation
Sym 1007: Agricultural Mechanization & Automation, Post Harvest Technology     


Theme 11: Crop Production and Management in Agriculture
Sym 1101: Pesticides and Fertilizers          
Sym 1102: Agricultural Seed Research
Sym 1103: Agricultural Hydrology, Soil
Sym 1104: Integrated Pest Management(IPM ), Insecticides, Entomology and Weed Control


Theme 12: Agricultural-based Energy, Economics and Sustainable Development
Sym 1201: Agricultural Products: Agricultural Biofuels, Biorefinery, Renewable Energy, Raw Materials, Fibers
Sym 1202: Agriculture Sustainable Development, Green and Organic Agriculture   
Sym 1203: Agricultural Modernization, Agribusiness and Rural Development


Sector 5: Social Activities and Exposition
Welcome Banquet and Art Performance
Poster and Exhibition
School Visiting to Local Universities
Tech and Business Visiting 
Leisure Tourism after Conference

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