BIT’s 4th International Congress of Forensics & Police Tech Expo 2017 (WCF-2017)
★ Program Layout

BIT’s 4th International Congress of


Forensics & Police Tech Expo 2017

Time: October 27-29, 2017

Venue: Dalian, China



Section 1: Main Conference

Section 2: Thematic Program


Track 1: Forensics & Police Leadership Forum

Session 101: Leadership Forum on Strategy of Ruling the Country by Law
Session 102: Leadership Forum on National Safety of China
Session 103: Leadership Forum on Strengthening the Police with Emerging Technology

Session 104: Leadership Forum on Improving the Theoretical Research of Forensics and Police Science


Track 2: Current Status and Trend of Crimes


Session 2-1: Future Crimes

Session 2-2: Cybercrime

Session 2-3: Financial Crime

Session 2-4: Urban Crime and Public Security

Session 2-5: Restorative Justice

Session 2-6: Forensic Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Session 2-7: Trauma, Violence and Abuse


Track 3: Criminalistics


Session 3-1: New Logics and Theory of Criminalistics

Session 3-2: Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction

Session 3-3: Counter-Reconnaissance 

Session 3-4: Digital Forensics

Session 3-5: Network and Electronic Reconnaissance, Video and Monitoring


Track 4: Drug Control 


Session 4-1: The Global Drug Situation and New Drug Control Strategy

Session 4-2: Global and Regional Drug Control Cooperation

Session 4-3: Drug and Criminal Justice System

Session 4-4: Novel Methods and Techniques of Drug Test and Analysis


Track 5: Fire Control

Session 5-1: Investigation and Risk Management

Session 5-2: Smart Fire Control

Session 5-3: Fire Automation System

Session 5-4: Key Technologies of Life Safety Assurance System for Firefighters


Track 6: Emerging Police Technology


Session 6-1: Discovery and Collection Technologies of Evidence

Session 6-2: Material Evidence Identification

Session 6-3: New Approaches to Data Recovery, Encryption and Steganography

Session 6-4: Psychological Testing Technology

Session 6-5: Modern Policy Communication and Information Technology

Session 6-6: Forensic Clinical Technologies

Session 6-7: Forensic Biometrics


Track 7: Interdisciplinary Forensic Program


Session 7-1: Forensic Biology and DNA Analysis

Session 7-2: Forensic Anthropology and Sociology

Session 7-3: Forensic Pathology and Toxicology

Session 7-4: Forensic Chemistry

Session 7-5: Forensic Odontology

Session 7-6: Forensic Entomology


Track 8: Jurisprudence Forum, Law, Forensic Management & Education

Session 801: History, Philosophy and Essence of Jurisprudence

Session 802: Criminal Law and Practice

Session 803: Forensic Management and Security

Session 804: Optimize the Education System for Forensics


Section3: Special Sessions


Activity 1: Case Study

Activity 2: Court Experts’ Case Sharing

Activity 3: Introduction of Portable and Efficient Material Evidence Collection and Extraction Equipment Application

Activity 4: Introduction of Operating Equipment for Single Policy

Activity 5: Project Road Show of New Technology and Products

Activity 6: Round Table Discussion


Section 4: Poster Sessions and Exposition


Poster Show

Technology and Product Exhibition


Section 5: Social Events


Social Activities

Tech-Tour and Field Trip

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