BIT's 1st World Congress of Energy Storage-2019 (WCES-2019)
★ Program Layout

Program Design

Theme 1: Glory Hall

-Pre-conference Activities

VIP Lunge

EC Meeting

Advisory Meeting


Theme 2: Brain Nation Theatre

-Innovative Nation Summit

S2-1: Global Market Trend, Policy and Development

S2-2: Future Investment and Business Models

Theme 3: Master Rostrum

-Great Mind Forums

S3-1: World Academician Forum

S3-2: Industrial Leadership Forum

S3-3: Top 10 Disruptive Innovation 2019

Theme 4: Disruptive Universe

-Frontier of Hard Sci-Tech

S4-1: Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies (EST)

Session 411: Fuel Cell TechnologiesInnovation

Session 412: Hydrogen Production and

Storage Technology Updates

Session 413: Supercapacitor and Superconducting

 Magnetic EST

Session 414: Advances in Thermal EST

Session 415: Advances in Mechanical EST

Session 416: Novel Process of Biofuels

S4-2: Next-Generation Battery Technologies

Session 421: Lithium-ion Battery Development

Session 422: Other Emerging Batteries Technologies

Session 423: Battery System Design and Innovation

Theme 5: Convergence Station

-Tech Convergence

S5-1: PV (Solar) + Storage

Session 511: Advanced Solar and Energy

Storage Technologies Sharing

Session 512: Best Practice of Solar Energy

Session 513: Breakthroughs of PV Technology

Session 514: Novel Solar Cell Technologies

Session 515: Emerging Applications of Solar PV

S5-2: ES and Renewable

Energy Integration

Session 521: Storage Applicability at Wind Farms

Session 522: Hydropower and Marine Energy

Session 523: Grid-Connected Renewable

Energy Systems

S5-3: Energy Storage

and Transportation

Session 531: Advanced Market in ES Transportation

Session 532: Breakthroughs of Electric Vehicles

Session 533: EV Charging Infrastructure

Session 534: Vehicle-to-grid Storage

S5-4: ES Demonstration

Projects Case Study

Session 541:Utility-scale and Grid-scale Storage

Session 542: Energy Storage for Electrical Systems

Session 543: Homing in on Residential Storage

(Home ES)

Session 544: Energy Storage for Green Building

Theme 6: Hacker Village

-Futuristic Tech

S6-1: Microgrids and

Smart Grid

Session 611: Development of Microgrid and ESS

Session 612: Novel Smart Grid Technologies

Session 613: Distributed Generation of

Renewable Energies

S6-2: Rapid Smart

Energy Transformation

Session 621: Smart Energy and Storage

Session 622: Data Analytics and Storage

Software Industry

Session 623: Internet of Things & ES

S6-3: Future New Materials

Session 631:Advanced Nano Materials &


Session 632: Emerging ES Materials

Theme 7: Roundtable

- Meeting Decision Maker

Trilateral ES Collaboration among China, Japan and Korea

CEO Roundtable

Dalian City Branding

Theme 8: Showtime Square

-Leading Hot Tech Expo

Next Generation Energy Storage TechnologIes

Energy Storage and Transportation


PV Technology

Electric Vehicles

Emerging Energy Storage Materials

Theme 9: Matchmaking Corner

-Business Development

Request for New Idea Proposals

Tech-linked Investors

Plan Briefing

Industry Park Briefing

Project Matchmaking

Talent Search

Theme 10: Joyful Commune

-Social/Cultural Events

Pre-conference Ice-Breaking Party

Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party

Field Trip to Industrial Park and Companies

Welcome Banquet and Art Performance

Lecture Tours to Campus

Local Cultural Tours

News Released

Conference Venue Released
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Welcome your participation as Session Chair/Session Speaker
Call for Exhibitors and Sponsors
Call for Collaborative Partners, Media and Journals

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Information Research Center of International Talent, China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China

Supporting Organizations

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China Council for the Promotion of Intemational Trade, Dalian Sub-Council

The International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)

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