BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials-2019
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★ Scientific Programme


BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of

Advanced Materials Japan 2019

Theme: Redefining Next Generation Disruptive Materials

Time: July 22-24, 2019

Place: Osaka, Japan


Preliminary Program


Block 1: Plenary Meeting and Inaugurate Symposia

          ● Opening Ceremony

          ● Keynote Forum

          ● World Academician Forum

          ● Life Spring Forum

- A Commemorated Forum in honoring a Great Material Scientist’s Life Achievements

Block 2: Scientific Program

Hub 1: Hot topics in Material Science & Technology

Session 1-1: Advanced Surfaces, Interfaces and Interphases

Session 1-2: Hot Topics in Liquid Crystals

Session 1-3: Improved Material Chemistry and Chemical Materials

Session 1-4: Matrix Materials and Composites

Session 1-5: Current Material Mechanics and Mechanical Technologies

Session 1-6: Advanced Sensors & Haptics

Session 1-7: Shaping Next Generation IT/ICT

Session 1-8: Thin Films and Coatings

Session 1-9: Terahertz Technologies and Microwave Technologies

Session 1-10: Quantum Dots and Quantum Technology

Session 1-11: Advanced Materials for Automotive, Defence, Military, Aerospace & Aviation

Hub 2: New Implementations of Advanced Materials

Session 2-1: Novel Superconductor and Semiconductor

Session 2-2: Novel Photonic Materials

Session 2-3: Novel Laser and Optical Materials

Session 2-4: Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Session 2-5: Innovations in Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials

Session 2-6: New Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials

Session 2-7: Temperature-Responsive and Thermoelectric Materials

Session 2-8: Display Materials and Imaging Devices

Session 2-9: Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit

Session 2-10: Metal Material and Metallic Corrosion

Session 2-11: High Performance Alloys

Session 2-12: Mechanical, Welding and Metallurgical

Session 2-13: Robust Structural Materials

Session 2-14: Novel Ceramic Materials, Glasses, and Non-Organic Materials

Hub 3: Sustainable Material Engineering and Technologies

Session 3-1: Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability

Session 3-2: Eco-friendly Green Materials

Session 3-3: Global Circular Economy and Sustainable Material Engineering

Session 3-4: Innovations in Material Simulation, Modeling, Design and Synthesis

Session 3-5: Better Material Manufacturing Process for Diversified Advanced Materials

Session 3-6: Advanced Materials for Batteries, Fuel Cells and Electrolyer Technologies

Session 3-7: Photovoltaics, Solar Energy, Artificial Photosynthesis Materials and Devices

Session 3-8: Nuclear Power Material

Session 3-9: Energy Harvesting, Transportation and Storage

Session 3-10: Renewable Energy and Wastes/ Biomass Materials

Hub 4: Disruptive Tech in Advanced Materials    

Session 4-1: Advanced Robotics with Senses, Dexterity, Intelligence and Smart Materials

Session 4-2: AI and Machine / Deep Learning

Session 4-3: 3D/4D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Session 4-4: Synthetic Biology and Biomaterial Engineering

Session 4-5: IoT and Advanced Materials

Hub 5: Frontier of Smart Materials

Session 5-1: Smart Nanomaterials & Micro/Nanosystems

Session 5-2: New Actuator Technologies

Session 5-3: Shape-Memory Materials

Session 5-4: Smart Biomaterials in Medical and Life Sciences

Session 5-5: Biomimetic and Bioinspired Materials

Session 5-6: Smart Textiles & Wearables

Session 5-7: Graphite, Diamond and Carbon Materials

Session 5-8: Fiber, Rubber and Elastomers

Session 5-9: Next Generation Multifunctional Composite and Metamaterials

Session 5-10: Soft Matter and Colloids

Session 5-11: Hybrid Material

Session 5-12: Smart Polymer Materials

Session 5-13: Smart Materials Applications in Architecture and Civil Engineering

Hub 6: Japanese Frontiers of Advanced Materialsin Japanese

Session 6-1: Advanced Nanomaterial and Nanotechnologies in Japan

Session 6-2: Breaking Research in Biomaterials

Session 6-3: Leading-edge Ceramics Material in Japan

Session 6-4: Innovations in Metals, Alloy and Super Steel Materials

Session 6-5: Emerging Smart Materials and Structures, and Smart Technologies

Hub 7 Structural Analysis, Experimental Methods and Applications

Session 7-1: Computer Methods and Simulation of Advanced Materials

Session 7-2: Novel Analytical and Testing Techniques

Session 7-3: Mechanics & Physical Behavior of Materials and Surface Science

Session 7-4: Novel Characterization Methods

Session 7-5: Structural Analysis and Optimization

Hub 8: Nano Technology and Nanomaterials

Session 8-1: Breaking Research of Nano Science and Technology

Session 8-2: Nano-Fabrication, Characterization and Nanometrology

Session 8-3: Advanced Nanomaterials

Session 8-4: Nano-Electronics and Microsystems

Session 8-5: Nanomedicine, Nanobiotechnology and Nanobiomaterial

Session 8-6: Nanotechnology in Sustainable Energy & Environment Protection

Session 8-7: Applications of Nanotechnology

Hub 9: Doctoral Consortium in Advanced Materials

Session 9-1: Post-Doctoral Pioneering Research in Advanced Materials

Session 9-2: Breaking Research from Doctoral Candidate Dissertation

Hub 10: Poster Shows of Material Sciences and Engineering

Sym 1: New Materials for Automotive and Rail      

Sym 2: Advanced Materials for Offshore and Subsea Engineering  

Sym 3: High Performance Materials for Ships and Boats

Sym 4: Advanced Civil Engineering Materials        

Sym 5: Smart Materials for Aerospace 

Sym 6: High Performance Materials for Renewable Energy

Block 3: Industrial Symposia

Sym 1: New Materials for Automotive and Rail

Sym 2: Advanced Materials for Offshore and Subsea Engineering

Sym 3: High Performance Materials for Ships and Boats

Sym 4: Advanced Civil Engineering Materials

Sym 5: Smart Materials for Aerospace

Sym 6: High Performance Materials for Renewable Energy


Block 4: Business and Career Development

Workshop 1: Meet with Your Future Mentor

Workshop 2: Career Development in Material Fields      

Workshop 3: Investment and Business Development       

Workshop 4: How to Publish High Quality Paper in Leading Journals

Block 5: Social Activities

Activity 4-1: Welcome Gala Dinner        

Activity 4-2: Social Dinner & Closing Award 

Activity 4-3: Cultural Tours

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