BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials-2017
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Shaanxi University of Science & Technology

Xi’an Technological University

Convention and Exhibition Center of Shaanxi Province
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BIT Group Global Ltd.
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★ Scientific Programme
BIT’s 6th Annual World Congress of
Advanced Materials-2017
Time: June 14-16, 2017
Venue: Xi’an, China

Track 1: Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
Track 101: Optical, Electromagnetic, Mechanical Properties and Physical Behavior of Advanced Materials
Track 102: Surface and Interface Science & Engineering of Advanced Materials
Track 103: Sensor and Sensing Technology
Track 104: 3D Printing Technology and Laser Materials
Track 105: Materials Design, Synthesis, Processing, Testing, Analysis and Evaluation

Track 2: Nanomaterials
Track 201: Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanofiber
Track 202: Nanoparticles and Nanopowders
Track 203: Nano-film and Nanocoatings
Track 204: Nanotechnology and Microtechnology
Track 205: Nano Crystalline, Nanodevices and Nanofabrication
Track 206: Quantum Dots and Quantum Devices

Track 3: Energy Generation, Harvesting and Storage
Track 301: Advanced Materials for Advanced Batteries and Fuel Cells
Track 302: Photovoltaics, Solar Energy, Artificial Photosynthesis Materials and Devices
Track 303: Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion, Saving and Storage

Track 4: Optical, Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Track 401: Optical Materials
Track 402: Photonic Materials
Track 403: Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials(Part 1)
Track 403: Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials (Part 2)
Track 404: Semiconductor and Superconductors
Track 405: Nanophotonics, Metamaterials & Plamonics
Track 406: Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectrics, and Pyroelectrics
Track 407: Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials
Track 408: Advanced Spintronic Materials
Track 409: Circuits technology, Adaptive technology and Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Track 5: Composite, Hybrid and Multifunctional Materials
Track 501: Adhesives, Rubber, Elastomers and Polymer Materials
Track 502: Ceramic , Glass and Metallic Matrix Composites
Track 503: Carbon, Graphite, Fullerenes and Graphene Technologies
Track 504: Biocomposites, Nanocomposites and Multifunctional Composites
Track 505: Adhesives, Rubber, and Elastomers

Track 6: Metals and Alloys
Track 601: Metal Material and Metallic Corrosion
Track 602: Alloys, Mechanical, Welding and Metallurgical

Track 7: Biomaterials and Biodevices
Track 701: Biomaterials and Biodevices(Part 1)
Track 702: Biomaterials and Biodevices(Part 2)

Track 8: Environmental and Green Materials
Track 801: Environmental and Green Materials

Track 9: Other Advanced Materials and Applications
Track 901:Advanced Materials for Automotive, Robotics, Aerospace & Aviation and Military
Track 902: Computational Materials Science and Simulation

Track 10: Young Investigator Forum

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