BIT’s 3rd Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries-2014
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Foreign Experts Databank of
SAFEA-Dalian Branch
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China Shipowners' Association Liaoning Province Branch
China Shipping (Group) Company Dalian Shipping Company
Dalian Marine Fisheries Association
The Coastal City of Liaoning Economic Association
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BIT World
Travel Service, Inc
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Parallel Events
Program Layout
Main Conference
Part 1:
Opening Ceremony
Part 2:
Plenary Lectures- WCAF
Industry Promotion Activities

-Corporation Briefing from New Industry Leaders

 Project Matchmaking and Career Fair

-New Technology, New Products and Better Jobs

Module5: Recreation Fishery Exhibition

-Stimulating Your Sales and Expanding your High-end Customers
Social Activities
-Networking for Endless Potentials
          Matchmaking & Partnership

Project Docking

Talent Joint
Transfer of Scientific &
Technological Achievements
Providing a platform for docking projects and cutting-edge projects around the world. You can make face-to-face communication and negotiation with experts, seek potential cooperation

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The Overseas High-level Talents Exchange will be held during the meeting. We will introduce experienced talents, experts and consultants and students in well-known universities. Also the employers, intermediary

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The congress will arrange the area of scientific research achievements transformation to improve the level of scientific research and technical development. We welcome business leaders and academic experts to

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        Attended Organizations


National Fish Health Research Centre(NaFisH)

NOAA National Geographysical Data Center

NAFC Marine Centre

Polish Academy of Sciences

Fisheries & Forestry Department of Agriculture

University of Greenwich
Norwegian Seafood Centre
University of Sharjah
Portland State University
National Taiwan University

University of Guam

Kinki University

University of Hawaii
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
National Polytechnic Institute COFAA
Department of Agriculture
The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Australian Maritime college
Wageningen UR Livestock Research
Rangsit University
University of South Australia
Kagoshima University
Institute Zooprofilattico of Piedmont
National Taiwan Ocean University

INVE Aquaculture

Catholic University of Parana
Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Research Institute

Florida A&M University-Florida State University

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

University of Indonesia
Federal University of Santa Maria
Aqua Biologics, Inc
CAMACO Shrimp Company
Organic Nutrition, LLC
Institute of Marine Research
Coast and Catchment Ltd.

D&D CONSULTING s.a.s. International Aquaculture Consultant

            Renowned Speakers

Dr. Andrew Rossiter,
Executive Director, Waikiki Aquarium, USA

Dr. Joseph J. Molnar,
Professor & Coordinator, Auburn University, USA

Dr. Standish K. Allen,
Professor and Director, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

Dr. Knut B Lindkvist,
Professor, University of Bergen, Norway

Dr. Malcolm Clark,
Principal Scientist, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand

Dr. Shane Kelly,
Managing Director, Coast and Catchment Ltd., New Zealand

Dr. Wann-Nian Tzeng,
Professor, National Taiwan University,Taiwan

Dr. John R. Gold,
Professor, Texas A & M University, US

Dr. Charles Gray,
Professor and Deputy Director , Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre of Excellence, Australia

Dr. Paul Collodi,
Professor, Purdue University, USA

Dr. Doimi Mauro
Manager, D & D CONSULTING S.A.S., Italy

Dr. Jixiang He,
Research Fisheries Biologist, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, USA

Dr. Ernesto Weil,
Professor, University of Puerto Rico, USA

Dr. Christopher W. Glass, Research Professor and Director University of New Hampshire, USA

Dr. Addison L. Lawrence,
Professor, Texas A & M University (TAMU), USA

Dr. Torbjorn Trondsen,
Professor, University of Tromso, Norway

Dr. Christopher D. Elvidge,
Physical Scientist, NOAA National Geographysical Data, USA

Dr. Gary Burtle,
Associate Professor, University of Georgia, USA

Dr. Amos Tandler,
General Director and Chief Scientist, National Center for Mariculture, Israel

Dr. Jason Hall-Spencer,
Associate Professor, Plymouth University, UK

Dr. Rohan Teasdale, Associate Professor, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr. Carlos Leon,
Director, BoFish, Mexico

Dr. Corrado Antonini,
Chairman, Fincantieri, Italy

Dr. Oussama El Omari,
CEO and Director General, RAK Free Trade Zone, UAE

Dr. Volker Hoppner,
Managing Director, FutureShip GmbH, Germany

Dr. Ned Pankhurst,
Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Xinxiang Pan,
Vice-President, Dalian Maritime University,

Dr. Abi  Abinawanto,
Head,University of Indonesi,Indonesia

Dr. Andrew Rossiter , Director,University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Dr. Kwok Ho Tsoi, Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

Dr. Nobuaki Arai, Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

Dr. Nyan Taw, Senior Technical Advisor, Blue Archipelago BHD, Malaysia

Dr. Pen-Heng Chang, Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Dr. Shunsuke Koshio, professor,
Kagoshima University, Japan

Dr. Ernest Papadoyianis,
president, Organic Nutrition, LLC, USA
Dr. Leonard Sonnenschein,
President, Conservation for the Oceans Foundation, USA
Dr. Ritsuo Shigehiro,
Professor, Kagoshima University, Japan
Why Be an Exhibitor?
• Exhibit Your New Products, Technology, Innovations and Latest
  Development to Visitors
• Explore Business Opportunities in China and Beyond
• Interaction with Visitors Face-to-Face, Exchange Conversation
  and Share Information
• Put Your Technology Spotlight and Its Commercial Application
  to Promote Business...
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Why Be a Sponsor?
Sponsorship programs are designed to help you meet your business development goals. They demonstrate your expertise to top decision makers from maritime industries, research institutions, foundations and other nor-profit organizations. Sponsors gain direct access to delegates in order to optimize the exposure of their company.

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Taste Of Dalian
Dalian located on the southern tip of the Eastern Liaoning Peninsula, which has a superb geographical location with the Yellow Sea on its east, the Bohai Sea on its west. The geographic advantages allow Dalian to be an important hub of communications and the largest goods transfer port in Northern China...
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