BIT's 11th World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell (RMSC-2017)
Introduction to RMSC-2017
The first RMSC is held in 2009, which always bring innovation and supersize every year in China. Good news, the committee set a new conference program with feedback and survey from thousands of participates, RMSC-2017 will create a landmark trend of Regenerative Medicine worldwide in Singapore. The development of Regenerative Medicine has highly attracted the world’s attention and, with demand increasing, theories as well as technology improving and governmental support strengthening, it has gradually become a hot topic in the field of international biology and medicine. Stem Cell, one of the most important subjects in the domain of regenerative medicine, has become a global focus because of its great potential in research and application. It can help to cure leukemia, congenital metabolic disease, certain solid tumor, diabetes, heart disease, cerebral palsy and other diseases. Stem cell is the most important subject from Regenerative Medicine and also will be the hottest topic in the recent decade years.
Renowned Speakers of RMSC-2017
Dr. Bernard Siegel, Executive Director, Regenerative Medicine Foundation, USA Dr. Susan Solomon, CEO, New York Stem Cell Foundation, USA
Dr. William Whitford, Strategic Solutions Leader, Cell Culture, Bioprocess, GE Healthcare, USA Dr. Maria Cristina Tanzi, Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Dr. Robert A. Preti, Co-Founder, President and CSO, Progenitor Cell Therapy, USA Dr. Joseph Purita, Director, Stem Cell Centers of America, USA
Dr. Jamal Tazi, Director, Institute of Molecular Genetics, France Dr. Jason D Wright, Division Chief, Columbia University, USA
Dr. Arshak R. Alexanian, Chief Scientific Officer, Cell Reprogramming Therapeutics LLC, USA Dr. Jeffrey Janus, President, Ascendance Bio, USA
Dr. Hidetoshi Kotera, Professor, Kyoto University, Japan Dr. Broeng Oddershede, Professor, StemPhys Center Leader, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
Dr. Songguo Zheng, Professor and Director, Penn State University, USA Dr. Farid Menaa, Research Program Director, Fluorotronics, Inc, USA
Dr. Richard Funk, Professor, University of Technology Dresden, Germany Dr. Elgendy Hoda, Professor, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA
Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Professor, The Ohio State University, USA Dr. Martin Meuli, Professor, University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Joseph M. Rosen, Professor, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College, USA   Dr. Rolf Bodmer, Professor and Program Director, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA
Dr. Giuseppe Mazza, Co-founder&CEO&CSO, Engitix ltd., UK Dr. Elisa Liehn, Associate Professor, IZKFAachen University Hospital, Germany
Dr. Larry F. Lemanski, Professor and Head, Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA Dr. Soren P. Sheikh, Professor, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya, Professor of Medicin, University of Central Florida, USA Dr. Heli Skottman, Professor, University of Tampere, Finland
Dr. Pierre Mainil-Varlet, Professor, University of Bern, Switzerland Dr. Danny Cass, William Dunlop Professor of Paediatric Surgery, Sydney University, Australia
Dr. Marcela del Rio Nechaevsky, Director, Carlos III University, Spain Dr. Ian R. Evans, Owner & Chief Executive Officer, Lynx Healthcare, USA
Dr. Azel Zine, Professor, CNRS 7260, University of Montpellier, France    
Exhibition and Sponsorship

RMSC-2017 provides an ideal platform to showcase your new technologies and products in Singapore. It is developed to maximize your exposure, generate new leads, build brand awareness, and solidify business relations.

RMSC-2017 is one of the most effective international marketing platforms in the field of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell, which offers a wide range of sponsoring categories for branding and highlighting your company in order to achieve the best publicity.

Introduction to Singapore

Singapore has often been described as another Dubai in the making, and, where there is a slight element of truth to the statement, that is not all that Singapore is about. There is a lot more to the city-state than fancy shopping malls and luxury hotels. Singapore also boasts a vibrant history, and several family- and pocket-friendly public spaces, making it worth your while to explore this mini-Dubai.

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