the 1st International Conference of Petroleum Science and Technology
Highlights of the Conference
● 6 Remarkable Tracks Focus on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Petroleum Industry
● Distinguished Sections Cover Current Hot Topics and Issues Related to Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Petroleum Industry
● Wonderful Oral Presentations from World Leading Scientists, Industrial Executives and Professionals from Fields such as Agriculture, Business, Community or other NGOs
● Far-ranging Reflect Latest Research Breakthroughs, Cutting-edge Technology, Novel Products and Highly Efficient Methodologies from Both Academy and Industries along with Governmental Agencies and NGOs
● Scheduling 10+Sessions of Business & Career Development, and Talent Search
About Petro-2018
The "2018 4th International Oilfield Biotechnology & Chemistry Summit”, with a theme of “Pushing Green Development of Oil Field”, which will be held during April 25-17, 2018 , Dalian, China. This conference provides a platform to exchange the most leading green technology and products for the experts specializing in Petroleum.
It also provides an ideal forum for the promotion of relevant companies, products, technologies and services. The conference has broad petroleum industrial support and has the additional goal of enhancing international collaborations and integrating all possible intelligence resources to seek the solutions to the global technology and engineering Challenges of Fossil Energy Sector.
Program at a Glance

Symposium 1:Oil Field Chemicals

  • ● Giving an Insight into the Latest Technological Solutions Needed for Development of Oil Chemical Industry
  • ● Offering an Opportunity to Find out the Latest Developments, Future Plans and Criteria of Choosing Partners
  • ● Raising the Visibility of Your Company' s Products and Technologies to a Number of Leading Experts
● Around One of the Most Beautiful Chinese Cities Rich in History and Culture
Symposium 2:Hydraulic Fracturing & Acidizing
  • ● Invited Featured keynote lecturers from industrial leaders, distinguished experts or impacting innovators
  • ● Bring together 50+oral presentations by global leading experts in hydraulic fracturing and acidizing fields
  • ● Publish technical papers and poster abstracts on the proceedings outlining the latest technology
  • ● Around several Beautiful Chinese Cities Rich in History and Culture
Symposium 3:Petromicrobiology
  • ● Opportunity to discuss the prospects of applying biotechnology in the oil industry with petroleum biology experts
  • ● Industrialization of petromicrobiology projects and other advanced biotechnology projects
  • ● Opportunity to form co operations for oilfield biotechnology projects
  • ● Consult with other experts on your latest projects
  • ● Creation of a network of senior oilfield biotechnologists
Symposium 4:Well Stimulation and EOR
  • ● Invite 5-10 Worldwide Distinguished Industrial Leaders and Decision Makers as Keynote Lecturers
  • ● Organize 50+ Scientific and Technological Presentations at the Leading Edge of Various Well Stimulation & EOR Techniques
  • ● Plan 3 Workshops with Decision Makers and Investors to Highlight the Business Development Opportunities
  • ● Gain Insight in Potential Impact of the Current Economic Environment of EOR Applications in China and Overseas
Nobel Laureates-2018
Dr. Aaron Ciechanover Dr. Michael Levitt Dr. Edvard Ingjald Moser
Distinguished Research Professor, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, 2004
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, 2013
Professor and Director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU, Norway
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2014
Speakers of Petro-2018
Mr. Xianwen Li Dr. Zhifeng Ren Dr. Chuanan Tang
PetroChina  Changqing Oilfield Company Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute, China
M. D. Anderson Chair Professor, Department of Physics and TcSUH, University of Houston, USA
Professor, School of Civil & Hydraulic Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China
Scenery of Dalian
Dalian — the "Northern Pearl" and summer resort of China, compared to ancient capital cities such as Beijing, Xian, Nanjing or Luoyang, is a young city with only a 100-year history. Situated at the tip of China's Liaodong Peninsular, it is a trading and financial center in northeastern Asia and has gained the name the 'Hong Kong of Northern China'. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in China, offering an intriguing blend of modern and traditional Chinese culture.  
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World High Technology Society (WHTS)
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