BIT's 12th Annual World Protein & Peptide Conference (PepCon-2019)
★ Program Layout

BIT's 12th Annual World
Protein & Peptide Conference
Theme: From Scientific Breakthroughs to Novel Applications
Time: June14-16, 2019
Venue: Beijing, China

Program Design
Section 1: Opening Ceremony and Plenary Meeting
Section 2: Scientific Program
Section 3: Industrial Symposia
Section 4: Young Scientists Forum
Section 5: Posters and Exhibition
Section 6: Social and Cultural Activities

Preliminary Program
Section 1: Opening Ceremony and Plenary Meeting
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: KeynoteForum
Part 3: Dialogs with Masters
Section 2: Scientific Program
Track 1: Frontiers in Protein/Proteomics Research
Track 1-1: Protein Structure and Function Track 1-6: SingleCellProtein/Proteomics
Track 1-2: Protein Dynamics Track 1-7: Human Proteome Atlas
Track 1-3: Protein-Protein Interactions and
Protein-RNA Interactions
Track 1-8: The Cancer Proteome
Track 1-4: Protein Trafficking and SignalingTransduction Track 1-9: Human Urine Proteome
Track 1-5: Proteins in the Microbiome &Immune System Track 1-10: Precision & Personalised Proteomics
Track 2: Advanced Protein/Proteomics Technologies
Track 2-1: New Protein Microarrays and Biochips Track 2-5: Mass Spectrometry in Proteome Research
Track 2-2: Higher-Throughput Technology Track 2-6: High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Track 2-3: Cutting-edge Microscope for Protein Science Track 2-7: High Resolution 2DGE
Track 2-4: Cell-Free Protein Technology Track 2-8: Big Data, Machine Learning and AIforProtein Research
Track 3: Proteins in Health and Disease
Track 3-1:Protein Folding and Misfolding and Aggregation inNeurodegenerative Diseases Track 3-5: Novel Protein Biomarkers
Track 3-2: Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease Track 3-6: Fusion Protein Therapeutics
Track 3-3: Plasma Protein in Health and Disease Track 3-7: Human Growth Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Track 3-4: Protein Synthesis and Modification in Health and Disease Track 3-8: Insulin, Interferon and Erythropoietin
Section 3: Industrial Symposia
Track 4: Protein and Proteomics Drug Discovery

Track 4-1: Protein Drug Targets Identification and Validation

Track 4-5: Kinase Based Drug Discovery

Track 4-2: Memberane Proteins, GPCRDrug Targets Track 4-6: Computer-Aided Drug Design
Track 4-3: Protein-ProteinInteractionforDrugDiscovery Track 4-7: New Protein and Peptide Drug Delivery Systems

Track 4-4: Targeting Ubiquitin Systems

Track 5: Advances in Protein Engineering
Track 5-1: Protein Engineering, Design & Selection Track 5-4: Protein Analytics and QA/QC
Track 5-2: Protein Expression and Purification Track 5-5: Enzyme Engineering
Track 5-3: Protein Formulation & Stability Track 5-6: Protein Engineered Biomaterials
Track 6: Novel Peptides Discovery and Applications
Track 6-1: Peptide Discovery, Design and Synthesis Track 6-4: Next-Generation Peptide Therapeutics
Track 6-2: Peptide as Biomarkers and for Diagnostics Track 6-5: Peptides and Peptide-based Biomaterials
Track 6-3: Peptide-based Drug Discovery Track 6-6: Food and CosmeticPeptides
Section 4: Young Scientists Forum
Forum 1: Breaking Protein Research
Forum2:Emerging Protein and Proteomic Technologies
Forum3: Innovative Protein Design and Expression
Forum4: Protein Biomarker Discovery
Forum 5:Novel Peptide Design and Synthesis
Forum 6: Protein Engineering
Forum 7:Smart Protein/Peptide Materials
Forum 8: Protein and Peptide Drug Discovery
Forum 9: Innovative Protein/PeptideBioanalysis
Section 5: Posters and Exhibition
Poster Tracks Exhibitions
  1. Protein/Proteomics Research
  2. Human Proteome Atlas
  3. Animal/Plant Proteome
  4. Microbiome Biology and Metaproteomics
  5. Protein Intrinsic Properties and Functions
  6. Emerging Protein and Proteomic Technologies
  7. Proteins, Diseases and Health
  8. Protein Engineering
  9. Peptides Chemical Biology
  10. Peptide-based Drug Discovery
  11. Novel Peptides Applications
  12. Biomimetic Peptides
  13. Macrocyclics and Constrained Peptides
  14. Antimicrobial Peptides
  15. Smart Protein/Peptide Materials
  1. Technological Frontier
  2. Proteins and Proteomics
  3. Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  4. Nutrients and Cosmetics
  5. Proteins Engineering
  6. Protein Design and Expression
  7. Protein Production
  8. protein Purification
  9. Recombinant Human Proteins
  10. Proteins/Peptides Formulation
  11. Protein Bioanalytical Instrument
  12. Enzymes and Biocatalysts
  13. Peptide Design and Synthesis
  14. Peptide/Protein Smart Materials
  15. Protein/Peptide Nanotechnology
  16. Peptide Synthesis Instrument
  17. Peptide and Protein Production Equipment
Section 6: Social and Cultural Activities
Event 1: Welcome Banquet and Cultural Shows
Event 2: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party
Event 3:Lecture Tours to Campus
Event 4:Field Trip to Industrial Park and Companies
Event 5: Local Culture Tour
Event 6: Farewell Party and ClosingCeremony

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