New Energy Forum-2013

This annual congress comprised 10 forums following the ceremony, including solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, biomass energy and energy storage & smart grid, etc. At the appointed time, world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other groups, will come together to discuss the hot issues of policies, market, leading-edge technologies and financing etc about new energy industry.

United Nations
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
International Development Association
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
International Financial Center
International Monetary Fund
Export-Import Bank
World Bank

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  • • 60+ Sessions in Green Energy Technology to Change the World and Build Your Business Empire
  • • 50+ Exhibitors to Demonstrate the Innovative Science and Technology
  • • 300+ Oral Presentations from Industrial Leaders, Academic and Business Executives
  • • The Matchmaking Platform to Network with Delegates from Local Research Institutes, Industrial Decision Makers and Government Officials by One-to-One Negotiation
  • • Optional Tour to Famous Cities in China

Dr. Hans van Ginkel
Former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, Netherlands

Dr. Pano Kroko

Chairman, Environment Parliament, UK


Mr. Sumith Nakandala
Ambassador, Embassy of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Mr. Bartlomiej Bodio

President, Polish-Spanish Bilateral Group, Poland


Mr. Stephen Kabuye

Mayor, LVRLAC, Uganda


Dr. Roger Cashmore

Chairman, UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK


Mr. Zbigniew Kamienski

Deputy Director, Ministry of Economy, Poland

Mr. Bernd Zimmermann

Head of Staff of the Committee on the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

Dr. Samy Mankoto

Roving Ambassador of RAPAC, Congo

Mr. Shi Ze
Director, Center for International Energy Strategic Studies, CIIS, China

Mr. Philip McMaster

Chief Creative Officer, World Sustainability Center, World Sustainability Organization, Canada

Mr. Abubakar  Sani  Sambo

Office of Special Adviser to Presiden on ENergynLEaders, Nigeria


Mr. Jukka Noponen

Director, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finland

Dr. Marek Litwin

President, ITS Polska Association, Poland


Mr. Masataka Hayama

President, Japan Paper Association, Japan


Mr. Simon Dawkins

General Manager, Oil Mallee Association of Australia; Adjunct Associate Professor, Curtin University, Australia
Dr. Manfred Kircher
Chairman, CLIB2021 Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie, Germany

Dr. Jean Francois Donzier

General manager, International Office for Water, France
Mr. Mike Woebbeking
Vice President, Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services, Germany

Dr. Peter Sage

Chairman Of The Board, Space Energy Group, Middle East Office, UK

Mr. Francois Nguyen

Director International Energy Policy, Alberta Energy, Canada


Mr. Pai Chee  NEE

Vice President , Sino-Singapore Guangzhou 
Knowledge City, China

Mr. Robert Frazier

Directory of Technology, CenterPoint Energy, Inc, USA


Mr. Stephen L Brown, Technologies Director, CSA Group, Canada

Mr. Ramesh G Dhere

CTO, Episolar, Inc., USA

Dr. Paul Boieriu

Director, EPIR Technologies Inc., USA

Mr. Jan Maurits
President, Poly Plant Project Inc., USA

Mr. Rene Moerman
Chief Strategy Officer, Solarif Insurance  Finance BV, The Netherlands
Dr. Massimiliano Nobile Director, Project Management. Unit, Italian-Russian Cooperation Agreement, Italy

Dr. Dorte Fouquet
Partner and Head ,Becker Buttner Held BBH, Germany


Mr. David Ankri

Chairman and CEO, Newsolar invest group, France


Dr. George Atanasoff
President, AccuStrata Inc., USA


Mr. Bruce Hamilton President, Smart Grid Network, Inc., USA


Dr. Gianluca Stanic , Technical Director, Marelli Motori, Italy


Dr. Uwe Ritschel
CEO,Windrad Engineering GmbH, Germany

Mr. Leonhard Korowajczuk

CEO/CTO, CelPlan International, Inc., USA
Mr. Paul Adler
Chief Executive Officer,  KorteQ Ltd, UK


Mr. Martin Ince

President,  M.K. Ince and Associates LTD., Canada


Mr. Stephen Chan

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, D.light, USA


Dr. Dalong Zhong

Manager, Optoelectronics Materials and Surface Engineering Lab, GE Global Research, USA

Dr. Eiko Rakers

Managing Director, DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Mr. John Patterson

President, Mr. Sun Solar, Inc., USA
Dr. Paul Ege
President and CEO, Reactech Process Development Inc, Canada 


Mr. David Lyons

Founding Partner & President, Capital Partners Worldwide, Canada

Dr. Wallace M. Mays

President, WM Mining Company LLC, USA


Mr. Dipankar Dey

Dean, IBS Business School, India


Dr. Sri Bollepalli

President & CEO, Sainergy Tech, Inc, USA


Dr. MuMu Moorthi

President, Battery Consulting, USA


Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the northeast of China. It is recognized as one of the most important cities in China, both historically and currently. As one of the oldest cities in Chinese history, Xi’an is one of the four Great Ancient Capitals of China. It is also the eastern end of the Silk Road, the first Chinese city to open up its doors to the world.
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