Conference Overview

LCES-2012 will continue to provide an alternative platform to other global conferences in related to climate change and environment protection. We will focus more on practical perspectives on green economy, promotion of sustainable or renewable energy, and exhibit technical resolutions to solve and predict the existing issues. Through the massive operations on comprehensive topics related low carbon economy and industries, we hope the summit can provide best information to exchange channels for all endeavors on low carbon fields who are working on controlling global climate changes from policy makers, NGO leaders, economists, investors, engineers, scientists, industrial leaders, carbon traders, brokers, clean emerge producers, energy consumers, toward daily low carbon life practitioners and advocators etc. Thus, LCES-2012 can provide help our society and humanity with unprecedented impacts on the world sustainable development, new economy growth and renewable energy innovation to commercialization.

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BIT’s 2nd Low Carbon Earth Summit BIT's 2nd New Energy Forum BIT's 1st Annual World Congress
of GreenAuto
BIT's 1st Annual World Congress
of Greentech
Smart City Summit-2012

Highlights of the Conference

  • A Cluster Conference with 5 Co-current Symposiums Based on Excellence
  • China State Foreign Expert Bureau becomes Major Hosting Organization
  • Cutting-edge Keynote Addresses by Prominent Leaders from China and Abroad
  • 300+ Sessions Covering Current Topics and Issues Related to Sustainable Development
  • 1000+ Oral Presentations From World Leaders Covering Politics, Economy, Education, Industry, Agriculture, Business, Military and Public Community or Related NGOs.
  • Gather the Global Experts and Seek Common Low-carbon Economic Development Policy
  • Promoting the Efficient Use of Energy and Development of Clean Energy
  • Providing a meeting place for professional development and business opportunities

  • Developing Long-term Partnerships with Fortune 500
  • 200 Investors, VC, GC and Financing Institutions Looking for Promising Projects
  • Career Fair for Low Carbon Fields
  • Optional Tour to Famous Regions of China

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Mohan Munasinghe
Chairman, Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND), Sri Lanka

Dr. Gustav R. Grob
Fellow of the Energy Institute EI, London, Dean em.; Executive Secretary, International Sustainable Energy Organization ISEO; Chairman of ISO/TC203/WG3 Technical Energy Systems Analyses; President of the International Clean Energy Consortium ICEC; Switzerland

Dr. Guenther Bachmann

General Secretary, German Council for Sustainable Development, Berlin, Germany

Mr. Michael T. Eckhart

Managing Director, Citigroup, USA
Dr. Armin Sandhoevel
CEO, Allianz Climate Solutions, Germany

Famous Speakers

Dr. Michele Grassi
Chairman & CEO,40South Energy Ltd., UK

Dr. Herbert Inhaber
President, Risk Concepts, USA

Mr. Stephan Ouaknine
Chairman and CEO, Managing Partner, Inerjys Ventures, Canada
Dr. John C. Shideler
President, Futurepast: Inc., USA
Mr. Keith Pronske
President and CEO, Clean Energy Systems, Inc., USA

Dr. Timothy H. Haahs
President, Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc., USA

Ms. Dagmar Epsten
President, The Epsten Group, Inc., USA
Mr. John Patterson
President, Sol-Reliant, USA
Mr. Len Foster AO
Chairman, The Bushfire CRC, Australia
Mr. Andrew Leung
Chairman, Andrew Leung International Consultants, Hong Kong, China
Dr. Jim Weinbauer, Vice President Sustainability Environment, AECOM, USA Mr. Gary Hilberg
Executive Vice President, TAS Energy, Inc., USA
Mr. Pano Kroko
Chairman, Environmental Parliament, UK
Mr. Dale Rogers
SVP, eSolar, USA

Mr. Steve Westly
Founder, The Westly Group, USA

Mr. Shane Condon
CEO, East West Line Parks Limited, Australia
Dr. Daryoush Allaei
CEO & CTO, Sheer Wind, Inc., USA
Mr. Giovanni Venturini Del Greco
CEO, Agroils Technologies Spa, Italy
Dr. Matthew Cuthbertson
CEO, AutoCRC, Australia
Dr. Paul Harten
CEO, LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH, Germany
Mr. Joris van der Geest
Chief Investment Officer, Triodos Investment Management, Triodos Bank, Germany
Mr. John Gardner
Chief Sustainability Officer, Novelis Inc., USA

Mr. Bill Reinert
National Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, USA

Dr. Klaus Wolke
Managing Director, Technologie Consulting Wolke, Germany
Mr. Kenneth Brown
Managing Partner, Safe Hydrogen, LLC, Lexington, MA ,USA
Dr. Yue Wu
Vice President, Solarmer Energy, Inc., USA
Dr. Chas Roy-Chowdhury
Head of Taxation, ACCA, UK
Mr. Martin P.J. Kratz
Head, Intellectual Property Group, Bennett Jones LLP, Canada
Mr. Michel Brekelmans
Co-Head of the China Practice, L.E.K. Consulting, USA
Mr. Derk Rijks
Director,Agrometeorological Applications, France
Mr. Richard Ellis
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Alliance Boots, UK
Ms. Alison Rowe
Global Executive Director Sustainability, FUJITSU LIMITED, Australia
Dr. Thomas Tang
Director, Corporate Sustainability, AECOM Asia, Hong Kong, China
Mr. Robbert van Nouhuys
Director, ACLA Limited, Hong Kong, China

Event Report

BIT's 2nd Low Carbon Earth Summit (LCES-2012), successfully held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center on October 19, 2012. Totally, there were about 500 participants from nearly 50 countries have attended the LCES-2012. The Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Government, Nanxian Zhao delivered the welcome speech at the opening ceremony. As the keynote speakers, Dr. Mohan Munasinghe, Chairman, Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND), Sri Lanka; Dr. Gustav R. Grob, Fellow of the Energy Institute EI, London, Dean em.; Executive Secretary, International Sustainable Energy Organization ISEO; Chairman of ISO/TC203/WG3 Technical Energy Systems Analyses; President of the International Clean Energy Consortium ICEC; Switzerland; Dr. Guenther Bachmann, General Secretary, German Council for Sustainable Development, Berlin, Germany; Mr. Michael T. Eckhart, Managing Director, Citigroup, USA and Dr. Armin Sandhoevel, CEO, Allianz Climate Solutions, Germany made excellent presentations and warmly discussed with the audiences at keynote forum. LCES-2012 includes 5 Concurrent Conferences. Participants involved in new energy, Green Auto, Green tech and Smart City all delivered the new achievements on their researches, together with discussion to the development of the world’s low carbon economy. The international participants communicate with the delegates from local research institutes, industrial decision makers and organizational leaders. Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing LCES-2013 which would be better and more successful than LCES-2012.

Wonderful Moments

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Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and the largest city in south of China. It is also a significant hub of transportation and communication in China. Guangzhou, with a history of 2,200 years, regarded as the earliest among the international trade port cities in the world. As a trade port, Guangzhou, always with the name of the “southern gate of China” is also the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea which links China with the Arabian and western countries in trading. It plays an important role of foreign connector in China. It is the capital of Guangdong province, is also one of main industrial centers in China, covering an area of 7,434 square kilometers, and with a population of over 6 million. The city with long summer and no winter is always green with flowers in bloom all the year round, hence reputed as "Flower City". There are a great number of historical sites like Guangxiao Temple with a history of more than 1,000 years. And the scenery of White Clouds Mountain is also amazing. That is why it is the key tourist in our country.

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Feedback From Speakers

Thank you very much for the highly professional organized and very interesting conference. It was a great experience to come to Dalian and I learnt a lot!
----- Dr. Steffen Preissler, Head, Fraunhofer MOEZ, Germany


Thanks for a great job well done and congratulations for he whole organizational team.In principle, I will be interested to participate also next year with new experiences.I made an observation to the deputy mayor of Dahlian about the comparibility of the problems ans issues between the harbor cities of Rotterdam and Dahlian. There is great interest here in The Netherlands to take up and develop the communication between the two cities and their harbor authorities.

------- Dr. Emile F. M. Elewaut, EU Coordinator, TNO-Energy, The Netherlands

I would be interested in participating and being invited to be Chair of this section next year in 2012 and appreciated being asked to join the VIP Group. I had the pleasure of meeting many people including Mr Xiaodan Mei. 
---------Mr. Nicholas Wyman, Chief Executive Officer, WPC Group Limited, Australia


The quality of the organization by the BIT team of this Conference is without reproach from our part.The interest of the scientific exchanges that I could observe leads me to take more time next year for your invitation to LCES-2012, which will take place during the 19-22 October in the city of Guangzhou, China.
----------- Dr. Marc Jean Mestrel, CEO, Dr. MESTREL & Associates, France


The LCES was a great conference. Thank you for all your hard work! I enjoyed immensely visiting your great country. You must be very proud of all that China has accomplished.
--------- Dr. Richard Edward Cregar, Automotive Instructor and Leading Expert, Wake Technical Community College, USA


Thank you for the organization! I had a really great time.
--------- Dr. Andras Marton, Senior Project Analyst, Independent Project Analysis, Inc., USA


I think you succeeded very well from this first LCE Summit, I hope all the best for new Summits and of course I will courage all finnish operators to participate in the future, too
--------- Dr. Pasi Pitkanen, Regional Planner, Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland


many thank's for your kind letter and I assure you and the Organizing Committee, that I was impressed about the large partecipation of Researchers and Industrial Groups at the event. For me the Summit has been a great opportunity to open mind, about the environment conservation, energy supply, and new agro energy technologies for the future of our world.
------------ Dr. Bruno Marangoni, Professor, University of Bologna, Italy


Congratulations for the excellent Congress that you have organized in Dalian this week.I have enjoyed the Congress, very well organized, and with talks of very high quality.
------------ Dr. Victoria Laura Barrio Cagigal, Professor, Faculty of Engineering- UPV/EHU, Spain


Thank you for a very interesting conference. I was very pleased for the high quality of many of the presentations. Once again thank you very much for a very interesting conference, Looking forward for the Low Carbon Earth Summit 2.
------------ Dr. Miguel Centeno Brito, Research Scientist, University of Lisbon, Portugal


Thanks for a great conference. Certainly, very well organized and one felt very welcomed to Dalian and China. Thus, I had a fruitful research visit and conference.
------------ Dr. Clas Persson, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


Thank you very much for your kindly words. I appreciated very much the LCES-2011 and in my opinion everything was OK. I do not have any particular suggestion at this moment. Again, thank you, and congratulation for the success of the LCES-2011.
----------- Dr. Denizar Cruz Martins, Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Hosting Organization

  • Information Research Center
    of International Talent, SAFEA

  • 广州市人力资源和社会保障局
  • Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

  • 国际绿色经济协会
  • International Green Economy Association

Operating Organization

  • 广州市外国专家局
  • Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of Guangzhou City

  • BIT Congress, Inc.
    Foreign Experts Databank of
    SAFEA-Dalian Biotechnological and
    Medical Experts Subdivision

Supporting Organization

  • 中山大学物理科学与工程技术学院
  • School of Physics and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University

International Partners

  • International Sustainable Energy Organisation

  • International Clean Energy Consortium

  • Cercle Mondial du Consensus

Official Travel Agency

  • BIT World Travel Service

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