BIT’s 9th Annual World Congress of Nano Science &Technology (Nano S&T-2019)
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BIT's 9th Annual Congress of

Nano Science and Technology-2019

Theme: Small World, Big Thinking, Big Pattern, and Great Development
Time: October 20 - 22, 2019
Venue: Suzhou, China


Date & Time

October 19
Day 0

October 20 
Day 1

October 21
Day 2

October 22
Day 3



Track 1 A Suzhou Glamour -Pre-conference Activities

Track 9 D1 Nano-IoT

Track 10 C1 Frontiers of Nano-Biology

Track 1 B Alpha-Zone -TV Media Program

Track 9 A2 Nanotech in Future Network

Track 10 D1 Nano Computation, Simulation & Modeling

Track 1 C News Release Room -Paper Media Program

Track 9 C2 Nano-Fluidics & Integrated Bio-chips

Track 10 A2 Breaking Nano Materials Science Research

Track 1 D Social Media Stand -Online Media Program

Track 9 D2 Quantum Dots & Quantum Wells

Track 10 C2 Atom Catalysis and Nanocatalysis

Forum 2A Strategic Plan and Innovation

Track 10 B1 Frontiers of Nanophysics

Track 10 D2 Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Forum 2B Policy

Workshop 14 B1 Advanced 2D Materials

Workshop 14 D1 Nanotube and Nanowires

Forum 2C Global Project Initiatives

Workshop 15 C Synthesis, Preparation and Processing of Nanostructured Materials

Workshop 19A Nanotech for Environment Monitoring

Forum 2D Nano Vision - 2020

Workshop 16A Advanced Design and Synthesis

Workshop 19B Nanotechnology for Water, Air and Soil Protection

Forum 3 A1 Nobel Prize Masters

Workshop 16B New Nanomaterials Production, and Processing

Workshop 19C Green Nanotechnology for Environmental Remediation

Forum 3 B1 Spring of Life

Workshop 17B Nano Optics

Workshop 19D Environment, Human Health and Safety Issues of Nanotechnology

Forum 3 C1 World Academician

Workshop 17C Nano Photonics

Workshop 20 D Nanotechnology and Translational Medicine

Forum 3 D1 Top 100 of World Nanoscientist

Workshop 18B Nanotech for Solar Cells and Photovoltaics

Workshop 21A Frontiers and Challenges in Nanotechnology and Drug Design

Forum 4A Nano-Standard

Workshop 20 B Nanomedicine for Immune System and Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy

Workshop 21B Nano Biosensors and Nano Biochips for Drug Screening

Forum 4B Nano-Safety

Stream 28 Nano Village -Nano Elite 1 to 1 Networking

Workshop 21D Nanotechnology for Pharmacology & Toxicology

Forum 4C Nano-Security and Security Nanotech

Stream 29 Nano Valley -Nano-Business Development Forum

Workshop 22A Nanotechnology in Fitness Monitoring, Diagnostics and Prevention

Forum 4D Nano-ESH

Stream 30 Hot Funding Pool -Nano-Investment Forum

Workshop 22B Wearable, Micro & Nano Technologies for Personalized Health

Forum 5A Global Market Trend

Stream 32 Nano Project Matchmaking House -International Innovation & Entrepreneur Forum

Workshop 22C Nano-agriculture and Food

Forum 5B Milestone

Stream 33 Coach’s Studio -Training Courses for Young Nano Professionals

Workshop 22D Nano Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics

Forum 5C Barriers

Stream 35 Hot Paper Hall -Mini-Seminar from Most Current Hot Papers

Track 31A Overseas Chinese Nano Scientist Innovation Forum

Forum 5D Trade

Stream 36 China Future Talent Bank -Chinese Young Nano Scientist Forum

Track 31B Overseas Chinese Nano Engineer Forum

Stream 6 Voice of Expert Dialogs

Stream 37 Global Origin Center

Track 31C Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Forum

Stream 7 Decision Makers’ Roundtable

Stream 38 Brotherhood Tribe -Global Nano-Network

Track 31D Overseas Chinese Nano-Matchmaking Roadshow

Stream 8 Nano KE Platform

Stream 39 Society Org Hall -NGO-NPO-IGO Nano-Alliance

Stream 44 Nano Friendship Lobby -Informal Professional Networking Meeting




Track 9 A1 Nano-AI

Track 10 B2 Nanotoxicology and Nanosafety

Workshop 14 A2 New Nano-Thin Film

Track 9 B1 Nano-Robots

Workshop 14 C1 Nanoparticles

Workshop 14 B2 New Nanocomposites

Track 9 C1 Nano-Blockchain

Workshop 15 D Nano 3D Printing

Workshop 14 C2 Nano Metals and Alloys

Track 9 B2 Nano-AR/VR

Workshop 16D Testing Technology and QA/QC Control

Workshop 14 D2 Diamond Nanomaterials

Track 10 A1 Frontiers of Nanochemistry

Workshop 17D Nanomagnetism

Workshop 21C Targeted Drug Delivery and Nanocarriers

Stream 11 Nano- Phenomena Spotlight

Workshop 18C Nanotech for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Thermal Energy

Workshop 23 A1 Nano-Parks’ Leadership Summit

Stream 12 Nano-Bio Incubator

Workshop 18D Applications of Nanotechnology in Oil and Gas Exploitation

Workshop 23 B1 Nano Park Executive Briefing

Stream 13 Grafting Platform -New Nano-Convergence Roadmap

Workshop 20 C Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Nanomedicine

Workshop 23 C1 B-Plan Competition

Workshop 14 A1 Graphene & Fullerene and Other Carbon Nanomaterials

Stream 40 R & B Nano Post -Partnership Forum of Nano-Community

Workshop 23 D1 On-The-Spot Investigation

Workshop 15 A Innovative Patterning, Nanofabrication and Nanolithography

Stream 41 Cross-Trait Bridge -Integrative Development of Nanotechnology among Mainland, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan

Workshop 23 A2 NanoFood Plant

Workshop 15 B Molecular Nanofabrication

Track 42A1 Euro-Asia Nano Forum

Workshop 23 B2 Nano-Textile Mill

Workshop 16C Nanocoatings and Nano Surface Engineering

Track 42B1 Sino-Japan Nano Forum

Workshop 23 C2 Nano-Energy Powerhouse

Workshop 17A Nano Electronics

Track 42C1 Sino-Korea Nano Forum

Workshop 23 D2 Nano Maritime Harbor

Workshop 18A Nanotechnology for Energy Harvesting, Conversion, Storage and Novel Generation

Track 42D1 Sino-Israel Nano Forum

Workshop 23 A3 Nano Fishery Bay

Workshop 20A Nano-imaging for Diseases Diagnosis and Therapy

Track 42A2 Sino-German Nano Forum

Workshop 23 B3 Nano Agriculture Farmland

Workshop 20 B Nanomedicine for Immune System and Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy

Track 42B2 Sino-US Nano Forum

Workshop 23 C3 Nano-transport Hub

Stream 24 Nano-IT World -Empowered Software and Nano Informatics

Track 42C2 Sino-French Nano Forum

Workshop 23 D3 Nano-Space Station

Stream 25 Nano-Education Auditorium - Forum of World Class University Nano-Innovative Discipline Development

Track 42D2 Sino-Switzerland Nano Forum

Workshop 23 A4 Nano-Aviation Airport

Track 26A Nano-HR Workshop

Track 42A3 Sino-Australia Nano Forum

Workshop 23 B4 Nano-Defense Troup

Track 26B Nano-Industry Positions

Track 42B3 Sino-Singapore Nano Forum

Workshop 23 C4 Nano-Military Camp

Track 26C Nano-Academia Positions

Track 42C3 Cross Strait Nano Forum

Stream 34 Brilliant Youth Club -Doctoral Consortium on the Frontier of Nano-Innovation and Discovery

Track 26D Post-Doctoral Fellow Openings

Track 42D3 Sino-Canada Nano Forum


Stream 27 Mind Lab -Meet with Your Future Mentors

Stream 43 Suzhou Consensus - Advocacy on the Future Global Strategies on the Nano S & T Development

Suzhou Consensus & Declaration




Welcome Banquet



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