BIT's 8th Annual International Congress of Medichem- 2019 (ICM-2019)
★ Program Layout

Preliminary Program


说明: opening


Stream 0: Main Conference

Part 1: Joint Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum with IDDST-2019

Part 2: Keynote Forum of ICM-2019

Part 3: Dialog with Masters


说明: 1

Stream 1: Emerging Drug Targets

Session 101: New Targets Identification and Validation

Session 102: Protein Kinase and Phosphatases

Session 103: G-protein Coupled Receptors(GPCR)& Ion-Channels

Session 104: Nuclear Receptor & Nucleic Acids

Session 105: PROTACs and Targeted Protein Degradation

Session 106: Emerging Ubiquitin and Autophagy Targets

Session 107: Emerging Cell and Cytokine Targets

Session 108: PD1/ PD-L1 and CTLA-4

Session 109: Protein-Protein Interactions

Session 110: Targeting NASH


说明: 2

Stream 2: Drug Design, Screening and Hit to Lead

Session 201: Combinatorial Chemistry

Session 202: Molecular Modeling and Simulations

Session 203: Computer-Aided Drug Design

Session 204: Fragment-based Drug Design

Session 205: Structure-based Drug Design

Session 206: High-throughput Screening & Laboratory Automation

Session 207: Lead Compounds Discovery, Optimization and Structure Modification



说明: 3


Stream 3: Discovery Workshop

Session 301: New Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Session 302: Natural Products and Macrocycles in Medicinal Chemistry

Session 303: Macromolecular Medicinal Chemistry


说明: 4

Stream 4: New Technologies and Processes for Drug Synthesis

Session 401: New Drug Synthesis Technologies and Strategies
●   Continuous Flow Synthesis
●   Chiral Synthesis Technology
●   Liquid-phase Combinatorial Synthesis
●   Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis
●   Plug-and-play Technology Automates Chemical Synthesis
●   Click Chemistry
●   siRNA
●   Directed Assembly Using DNA and Iterative Microfluidic Approaches

Session 402: New Catalysts and Ligands in Drug Synthesis

Session 403: Green Technologies and Processes for Medicinal Chemistry

Session 404: New Processes for Drug Separation, Purification, Extraction and Crystallization



说明: 5


Stream 5: ADMET in Medicinal Chemistry

Session 501: In Silico ADMET Prediction

Session 502: PK/PD Study in Medicinal Chemistry

Session 503: ADME Safety Assessment


说明: 6


Stream 6: Next Generation Drug Pipelines

Session 601: New Anticancer/AntiTumors Drugs

Session 602: New Drugs for Treating CNS and Psychiatric Diseases

Session 603: Next Generation Cardiovascular Drugs

Session 604: New Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents

Session 605: New Drugs against Diabetes, Obesity and Other Metabolic Diseases

Session 606: New Drugs for Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Diseases

Session 607: New Drugs against Respiratory Diseases

Session 608: New Drugs against Rare Diseases


说明: 9

Stream 7: Research Frontiers and Tech Innovation

Session 701: Molecular and Cell Biology in Medicinal Chemistry

Session 702: Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry

Session 703: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Session 704: AI and Deep Learning in Medicinal Chemistry

Session 705: Innovative Drug Delievery Technologies and Systems



说明: E:\单玉华\项目\ICM- ICON\icm-icon2.jpg


Stream 8: Training Courses

Course 1: How to Publish a High Level Paper?

Course 2: AI in Medichem

Course 3: New Medichem Softwares and Applications




说明: 8

Stream 9: Showtime Square

Part 1: Papers and Posters

Part 2: Exhibition



说明: Joint Events-1


Stream 10: Joint Events

Event 1 : BIT's 17th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology-China



说明: Joyful Commune B


Stream 11: Joyful Commune

Activity 1: Pre-conference Ice-Breaking Party

Activity 2: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance

Activity 3: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party

Activity 4: Lecture Tours to Campus

Activity 5: Field Trip to Industrial Park and Companies

Activity 6: Local Cultural Tours


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