BIT's 6th Annual International Congress of Medichem-2016
Past Conference Report of ICM- 2016


BIT's 6th Annual International Congress of Medichem (ICM-2016), held in Nanjing International Youth Conference Center in Nov. 16-19, and achieved a consummation. The theme of this conference is “Efficient Creators of Future Therapy". Over 80 honored guests presented at the ceremony and keynote forum, among them are Dr. Qidong You, Professor and Dean of School of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University; Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association; Dr. Joseph L. Duffy, Executive Director, Department of Discovery Chemistry, Merck and Co., Inc.; Dr. Jonathan B. Baell, Research Professor in Medicinal Chemistry, Monash University; Dr. Jasminder Sahi, Senior Director, Department of Translational Medicine and Exploratory Development, Sanofi R&D, China; Dr. Wenqing Yao, Executive Vice President, Discovery Chemistry, Incyte corporation and other brilliant speakers .

This annual congress comprised 6 Parts and 11 sessions following the ceremony, including “Mastering Emerging Targets in Medicinal Chemistry"; " Exploring Chemical Space Expansion"; “State-of-the-art Organic Synthesis of Drug"; “Computer Aided Drug Design"; " Transporter and PK/PD Studies for Drug Optimization"; " Fueling Next Generation Drug Pipeline"…etc.

Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, ICM-2017 and IDDST-2017 will be held together in 2017. All member of ICM-2016 committee feel grateful for all participants’ contribution to our conference. We are looking forward to meeting you again in 2017.

About ICM-2016

The 6th Annual International Congress of Medichem - 2016 (ICM-2016) will be held during November 16-19, 2016, at Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel, China. ICM-2016 is one of Supporting Concurrent Conferences of the 14th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology - 2016 (IDDST-2016). Other Concurrent Conferences refer to Drug Delivery, Cancer Immunotherapy, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells, Microbes, as well as Modern Chinese Medicine. The IDDST-2016 event will attract 1000+ Participants from 60+ Countries with Poster and Exhibition Presentations to join in the grand festival!
ICM-2016 as one of Joint Conferences of IDDST-2016 will organize 30+ Parallel Sessions and will approach 200+ Oral Presentations and 300+ Participants. You can enjoy all the 8 conferences with One Registration of ICM!

Nobel Laureates-2016 Dr. Arieh Warshel,
Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California, USA

Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 2013
Dr. Dan Shechtman,
Professor, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 2011 Dr. Aaron Ciechanover,
Distinguished Research Professor, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology , Israel

Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 2004
Renowned Speakers of ICM-2016
Dr. Wenqing Yao, Executive Vice President, Incyte corporation, USA
Dr. Y. Lynn Wang, Professor and Founding Medical Director, The University of Chicago, USA Dr. Ye Che, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer, USA
Dr. Laurent Desaubry, CNRS Research Director and Professor, CNRS-Strasbourg University, France Dr. Per Amstrup Pedersen, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Dr. Davis Farmer, Chairman, MSM Protein Technologies, lnc., USA
Dr. Haifeng Eishingdrelo, Founder and President, BioInvenu Corporation, USA  Dr. Robert Scoffin, CEO, Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd., UK Dr. Alexey Rak, Head, Bio Structure and Biophysics, Sanofi R&D, France
Dr. Rajendra Badgaiyan, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA   Dr. Slawomir Jarosz, Professor, Director, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland Dr. Richard C D Brown, Professor, Deputy Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK
Dr. Isaac B. Bersuker, Professor, Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, USA Dr. Li Niu, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, University at Albany, State University of New York, USA Dr. Greg Troiano, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development and Operations, BIND Therapeutics, Inc., USA
Dr. Vincent Mikol, Head, Sanofi-Aventis, France Dr. Jian Jeffrey Chen, Principal Scientist, Amgen, USA Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Central Florida, USA
Dr. Arndt van Ophoven, Professor and Director, Division of Neuro-Urology, University Hospital Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Dr. Roland J. Pieters, Professor, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Dr. Jeffrey J. Rade, Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Dr. Chung-Ming Sun, Professor, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Dr. Andreas Meyerhans, ICREA Research Professor, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain Dr. KeWei Wang, Endowed ChangJiang Professor and Chair,  Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, China
Exhibition & Posters
As a part of the 2016 International Congress of Medichem, an exhibition space will
provide a unique opportunity for posters to showcase their latest
research to participants with interests in all areas of Medicinal Chemistry.
   Poster Date:
Set-up date: November 15, 2016
Show dates: 09:00-18:00, November 16-19, 2016
Place: Nanjing, China
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